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Thread: Lacking avoidance?

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    Lacking avoidance?

    It's always felt like I'm lacking avoidance ever since I started raiding ToTc+. Maybe I'm just crazy...

    Anyway here's my armory link


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    I wouldn't worry too much about avoidance for tanking raid bosses. Armor and stam are almost always superior.

    Some critique:

    - Wrong meta. Get the armor one.

    - Get the +30 stam to shoulders.

    - Shield of Righteousness glyph is completely unnecessary, it saves very little mana and, even if it were effective, Paladins tanks rarely if ever have mana issues in a raid setting, even with 1/2 SA. Ditch it for the SoV glyph - 10 expertise is a huge chunk of threat.

    - Armsman to gloves is probably unnecessary for you. I would replace it with +18 stam or +240 armor for the extra EH.

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