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Thread: Is it time to go unholy?

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    Is it time to go unholy?

    Hello, I am seeking advice on the benefit if any to me going unholy. I have two pieces of ICC Frost badge gear and am wondering, ...since I have been the regular cookie cutter blood 51/0/20 talent spec for some time now and am doing quite a bit of dps, I pulled over 8k almost 9k on Toravon, and i have the two piece set from ICC is it time to go unholy. I have heard that unholy is the way to go once u have at least two pieces of ICC Frost badge gear but am unsure. If some one could help me out i would greatly appreciate it. This is a link to my armory and before I jump off into unholy would like some more info, http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Korgath&cn=Latormenta so anyone can check my gear to give me any insight they might have. Thank you ahead of time for your insight and help, I greatly appreciate it.
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