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Thread: Enchanting and Gear selection

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    Enchanting and Gear selection

    Sorry, I guess I put this in the wrong forum first time around. And also, I'm going to throw in that this is for Protection Spec.

    First off, I have to say I'm really unlucky with drops and /rolls. But I have been pugging ICC 10 (at least the first 4 bosses) weekly and saving up frosts. So far, I have bought the cloak, trinket, and belt. All were huge upgrades for me. Now I'm to the place where I'm unsure of what to buy next. Many have said the Gauntlets of the Kraken are the obvious choice for most people, and I tend to agree. However, if I pick those up, I will lose my 2-set T-9 bonus completely.

    Here's my armory.http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ar&cn=Destrier

    So I figure I have some hard choices.

    First, I can go ahead with the Kraken, and just kiss the 2-set goodbye.

    Second, I can buy the Kraken gloves. and switch out one of my other pieces (Helm, shoulders, chest) back to my T-9 piece to retain the 2-set.

    Third, I can buy the T-10 shoulders with my Frost instead of the gloves. These would be only a minor upgrade for me, but would give me a start on the T-10 2-set.

    Last, I can save emblems for another week or two and buy the Cataclysmic chest or the T-10 helm.

    I'm just not sure what direction I should be thinking here. I don't want to do this in the wrong order and really mess something up. The T-9 2-set doesn't sound all that stunning, but losing 5% damage on HoR seems like it might sting a bit, or possibly cause some threat issues, and having a shorter cooldown on a taunt can always be useful.

    I have also been getting some suggestions for switching enchants out on some of my gear. Help is always great.

    So fire away. Any helpful thoughts or critiques would be appreciated
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    I can tell you've read http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.c...m-enhancements because your gemming and enchanting is all wrong.

    To answer your questions first

    1) Yes, I'd probably tell you to pick up the gloves too, then get the chest after that
    2) The 2 set bonus is good, but not great, unless you're not losing any significant stats, then break it and don't care. Maybe your change your shoulders. The T9.245 may be better than those, not sure though
    3) The T10 set bonuses are kind of weak, armor stacking should be your first priority, especially for ICC. Go for shoulder/helm T10 2pc right after the gloves/chest though
    4) Chest before helm

    If you can afford to buy the mats for Pillars of Might, then I would highly suggest that.

    On to your gear specifically, gemming/enchanting for warriors and pallies is pretty similar. Piece by piece:

    Helm/Neck are fine.
    Shoulders: Enchant with 30stam/15 resil PvP enchant, 10k honor from honor vendors in stormwind
    Cloak: Enchant with 225 armor
    Chest: Enchant with 275 HP
    Bracers: Typically shy away from gemming a bonus unless it is 9 stam or better, since this is only 6 stam, gem out of it and put another 30 stam gem in where that hit/stam gem is
    Weapon: mongoose is an extremely strong enchant for pallies, I recommend you re-enchant your weapon
    Shield: I really pref 18 stam to shield
    Trinkets/Rings/Boots are good
    Legs: There's really no reason to use a 10 to all stats gem, you'd only get 5BV from the str from it, the only other beneficial stats are agi and stam. If you instead put a 10agi/15 stam gem in there, you effectively lose no relevant stats, and gain 5 stam
    Belt is fine
    Gloves: Change the enchant to 240 armor or 18 stam, 240 armor is about 3 stam better in terms of EHP, but loses its value in magic heavy fights.
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    I basically came here to say what Aggathon said. The gloves are a tremendous upgrade, then I would get the Cat chest afterwards. Definitely follow his advice about gemming and enchants.

    You can hold on to Accuracy and Armsman if you are absolutely desperate for threat, but I'd really recommend following his advice and getting Mongoose and +240 glove reinforcements if you aren't scrambling for aggro. Mongoose still provides a nice chunk of threat (from crit and haste), but also gives you a significant amount of dodge and a small amount of armor. And the armor enchant is pretty self-explanatory, it will have much more impact on survival than 10 parry rating.

    Spec and glyphs look good. I don't see much value is 1/2 Imp BoM but I suppose it's a decent raid buff in 10 mans (if you don't have a ret pally or specced DPS warrior that is). If you need that buff for 10 mans, maybe pull a point out of Conviction (or Heart of the Crusader, if that debuff is being applied by a mute rogue/ele sham/another pally) to fill it out? I dunno, this is totally optional, just brainstorming a little.

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    Alright, bought the Gauntlets of the Kraken, fixed the gems and enchants. We'll see how it works out tomorrow.

    I do try to read a bit on specs, gems, chants and the like. Sometimes good advice, and I guess, sometimes not so good.

    Definitely appreciate you taking the time to look through my armory and help me out.

    Ty, Des
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