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Thread: (H) US-Black Dragonflight More Dotz Recruiting immediate raiders

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    (H) US-Black Dragonflight More Dotz Recruiting immediate raiders

    More Dotz is currently looking to fill our ranks with dedicated and reliable players for ICC 10/25 and for Cataclysm.

    Who are we?

    More Dotz is a server transfer from US-Nathrezim the core of us has been raiding together since WotLK x-pak. Most with raiding expreience since vanilla wow. We are looking to build and maintain a small raiding core of 30-35 players. Amongst our ranks there members that enjoy the lore and pvp aspect of the game as well as the raiding aspect. If you are looking for a enjoyable guild that strives for PvE success we may be the guild for you.


    We are currently accepting and in search of all well geared and skilled players of all classes to add to our raiding team.

    Raid Times

    During progression you must be available Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday 7:30-11:30st eastern time. We will more than likely run a pug 25 ICC on Thursday untill we are able to run full guild.

    Loot System: EPGP 25m Free roll 10m


    You must understand your class well.
    You must be able to handle criticism given your mistakes.
    You must be prepared to use potions and flasks on every raid.
    You must be prepared to have food buff, reagents, repair gold. (We normally supply fish feast and have guild repair during raid times.)
    You must research all new encounters and have some working knowledge of the fight mechanics.
    You must show good attitude toward members of the guild.
    Be prepared to not receive loot during the trial period which lasts approximately 2 weeks.

    How to Apply

    Fill out and post a application at www.more-dotz.guildlaunch.com

    If you would like to speak to a officer you may contact Justbalze, Matrixs, Lilith, Kymm, Distant, Raxic, or myself Gigulz.

    Thank you for your interest in < More Dotz >
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