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Thread: Getting my build to be right

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    Getting my build to be right

    Hello guys!

    I came back into WoW after being away since before Ulduar was out. Main reflexs of my absence is that my old build id not possible anymore, and I'm not 100% happy with my current one.

    This is me right now:

    Thing is... back in 2008/9 my DK Frost build had Unbreakable Armor, Lichborne, Howling Blast, but didn't have Hungering Cold (or I didn't use it at all) and I had Epidemic, Morbidity and Anticipation from the Unholy tree. BUT it closed alright, and I either didn't have a talent or had it maxed out... but all points were nicely spent.

    Right now, my current build shows it all. I have an ugly 1/3 useless talent in my build. I only have Hungering Cold because of the points needed to get to Howling Blast or because there was nothing better to spend at... Considering that I can't live without Morbidity... I wouldn't mind droping Lichborne that much, but it is certainly not useless. But Morbidity is the freaking reason why I'm not using the 12/54/8 DKTank build which seems to be a very poular one now.

    So to keep Morbidity and Hownling Blast, what should I change, considering a 2H Tank spec?
    (I need Morbidity so bad basically cuz of the CD on DnD)

    Other than that.... I could have some more stamina, but because of the current excess of yellow slots in my gear and because I was ONLY losing threat when I was partied with ppl better geared than I am, above 5k GS, I went for STR gems. Considering I was yelled at by half my guild, plz tell me how really wrong is that? It solved the threat problems... as my dps is a bit higher now....

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    See my sig for a more in-depth talent guide. In a nutshell, the required talents are the ones that buff HB (and of course DnD & BB):

    Bladed Armor
    Toughness (needed for tanking, but also buffs Bladed Armor effect)
    Black Ice
    Glacier Rot
    Tundra Stalker
    Killing Machine

    Make sure you have those, plus HB, then you can play around with the rest to see what you like best. And what you like best will probably change w/ gear and content too.

    For example, once I got ToC/ICC geared, I started playing w/ Hungering Cold in 5man random dailies and enjoying it. For 1pt it's a lot better than both Death Chill and Lichborne.

    A few other thoughts:

    1. Frost is not as dependent on Morbidity as Blood and UH are. I never spec that. DnD at the beginning of the pull, followed by HB+BB spam whenever those two are available for the rest of the pull, is more than enough AoE threat for any group makeup. And by the time the first pull is all dead and I've run to the next, DnD is available again. Spending 3pts to reduce it's cd is not necessary.

    2. If you do want to keep morbidity, the spec is 12/51/8, basically exactly what your armory is showing. You can move the pt in HC and the other pt in Acclimation to Merciless Combat for a little more dmg.

    3. Scent of Blood I personally like (and Chill of the Grave). I like being able to spam Frost Strike while having Rune Strike macro'd to all my abilities and still have RP for IBF or AMS anytime needed. Those 3pts would come from Morbidity.

    4. I run 5mans w/ Glyphed HB, so I don't take Epidemic either. FF is refreshed every 8s by HB (or sooner when Rime procs), making 15s disease duration plenty long enough. Rotation is HB - DnD - BB - FS dump, then HB/OB - HB/OB - BB - BB - FS dump.

    5. Having said that, I find Epidemic useful on raid bosses, and usually replace Glyph of HB w/ Glyph of Disease for that. Better to use those FU runes for Oblit rather than refreshing diseases, and the weaker Blood rune for Pestilence disease refreshing.

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