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Thread: [H] Executus <Defiance> Recruiting for 10man Raiding

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    [H] Executus <Defiance> Recruiting for 10man Raiding

    Defiance is based on EU Executus and is a guild focused on clearing 10 man content at a good level of progression rate and concentrating on Hard modes and achievements. We want to create a close knit group of experienced raiders who are obviously skilled but also have a good attitude and want to progress through content as it is made available.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciderhelm View Post
    For me, my biggest frustration and source of burnout in the 99% has been when I have been doing a complex job in an encounter without mistake for hours and days and having to deal with the few who seem to always find new and interesting ways to die.
    For us as a guild, this sentence practically defines us. It's a coincidence that Ciderhelm has these thoughts at the same time we end our long years raiding 25man content for the same reasons.

    All of our current raiders have years of experience in this game. Some have been in top 300 guilds, others recently killed The Lich King. So we expect our future recruits and members to be as experienced. 25man raiding has been our dedication for so many years, however we all seemed to have enjoyed 10man content much, much more recently.

    Currently we are recruiting all classes (specifically good healers) and we will allow their well-geared alts into raids as we want to be as flexible with our setup as possible. We would also consider a re-roller if we thought that the applicant is suitable. A good sense of game mechanics and tactics are needed and are essential. Bad Attitudes and drama are not permitted.

    We don't recruit for the bench and never will, if people cannot get into the first raid of the week, we will be running 2nd raids for those missing out and well geared alts. Again, we like to keep everyone's characters up-to-date with gear and experience so our main raids benefit.

    Patience is KEY
    Our priority is the next expansion so we want to make sure that we have a strong guild ready for the release of Cataclysm. However we are getting players ready for ICC 10 currently and with members having experienced this already, gives us a good starting point.

    We will be raiding about 3-4 nights a week depending on if we have progression raids ahead of us. Our starting raid times will be approximately 21:00 server time, so punctuality is very important as is being prepared with the relevant flasks/food etc.

    Recruitment for 10 man raiding with Defiance
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