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Thread: So much Pessimism...

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    So much Pessimism...

    Is anyone else really annoyed with all the people crying about their class preview? Yeah, generally the previews weren't mind blowing. Get over it. Out of context, some of the abilities don't sound all that exciting perhaps, but there's still a ton of information we don't have yet.

    For example:
    The talent trees.
    This is the biggest one for me. The most exciting thing about Warrior tanking in Wrath was Sword and Board, Shockwave, and Warbringer, not Heroic Throw and Enraged Regeneration. If the Wrath preview for Warrior was announced today in the same style as the current previews, it would seem very underwhelming, but it wouldn't be the complete picture. So stop freaking out. The really interesting stuff is how they're going to make using our bread and butter abilities more fun.

    The Path of the Titans
    We already know this system is going to open up more combinations of abilities. Some Titan abilities may synergize really well with your class and that's something to be excited about. We just don't know anything about this yet.

    It's pre-beta
    Firstly, there's still a lot of room for change, so relax. But secondly, it's in Blizzard's best interest to not announce the truly awesome ability for class X if there's still a chance they're going to remove it. Suppose they'd announced Shadowbolt Volley for locks but had to remove it before beta even started? It's in their best interest to keep the big secrets secret until they're relatively certain.

    So yes, some of the previews were rather light on exciting information. There's way more information to come yet, and everything is still subject to change. Hell, count yourself lucky. Most developers don't release anywhere near this much information to their fans during development.

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    Lore said it on rawrcast last night (I think it was lore) that the shaman one being first/on the first day was a very big mistake because they were so mind-blowing that every class expected this amazing revelations about how they play the game, and were disappointed because of how much shaman got.

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    To be fair, the only preview that disappointed me was the Death Knight one. Yeah, Warlock changes weren't as mind blowing as Shaman ones, but they were still good and looked incredibly fun. Looking briefly at other class changes, all of them have a lot of things which will make the classes more fun and dynamic to play, even if I don't play those classes, they do have things which make them more attractive to me should I branch out and grab another class.

    The only two reasons the Death Knight preview disappointed me are:
    a) I was hoping that Cataclysm would bring forth increased viability for all specs of DK Tanks, not reduce it one spec. That being said, even I admit that the change as it is now intended is probably the best thing for DK Tanks. While it would have been nice for Blizzard to put some extra work into making all specs more viable for DK Tanking, that's a lot of work that Blizzard doesn't want to do, especially with all of the other things they have on their plate. They'll be far more willing to tweak one spec than constantly adjusting three. There's also a sub-part to this one: I'm probably losing my ability to DW Tank. Some people are, oddly, ecstatic, that people who had fun with this will no longer be able to have fun and I don't understand why they're happy that other people lose the ability to have that fun when it doesn't hurt them at all, but, there's a lot of things in this world I don't understand.
    b) The DK preview was remarkably uninformative. Much of the information in the thread dedicated to changes to DK Tanks was rehashed in the DK Preview. While other classes got some more in-depth explanations of their talent changes, DKs more or less got what they had in the Tanking thread, aka (Blood will be the prot tree, Frost will be the DW tree, Unholy will be the 2-hand dps tree) along with the same comment of tanking talents being moved from the other trees into the Blood tree, with only one example. A lot of us were hoping for a bit more, because this change is fairly drastic. I think DKs probably deserved to wait a bit on their preview so that it could get the same amount of attention to detail that it needs, just like the apparent Paladin changes needs. The suggested changes to DKs are fairly large and needed a lot more information. Unfortunately, I'm thinking that Blizzard simply doesn't have that information to give right now, it doesn't make it any less disappointing. Hopefully we'll see some more info as they do get further into development and can share.

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    Complaints just show that people are still passionate about the game and specifically their class. I always view it as a good thing, a natural reaction to change. It means people care. Despite how useless most of it really is.

    And ya, I throw my own complaints in there too.
    "A man can learn twice as much from milking a cat as two men can from a very tall fourth man.
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    I think part of the reason people get pessimistic is that a lot of us are raiders, and wondering how competitive we'll be in our roles when this is all done. And it's silly because we have no possible way to know the answer to that yet, plus we know Blizzard will want to keep classes fairly balanced overall.

    But it ends up meaning:
    - If your class doesn't seem to be getting much in previews, you're pessimistic because you think everyone else is getting more
    - If your class gets a new and exciting mechanic, you're pessimistic because it might be harder to master or for Blizz to balance and you'll therefore be uncompetitive
    - If another class gets a new version of something you have, you worry that your niche has vanished (this happens less and less, but I've heard people comment that no one will want warriors if sunder and interrupts get handed out more widely)
    - If your class gets a new, cool, and useful ability, you know for a fact that it'll either get toned down or there will never be any encounters that rely on it because that would be unbalancing for everyone else

    I think 'bring the player, not the class' tends to make everyone pessimistic even about the cool stuff. And 'bring the class, not the player' makes us pessimistic about everything else

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    Much of the pessimism/complaints that I have seen seem to stem from people only reading (or at least only thinking about) the specific announcement in question. They look at the set of changes in a vacuum and fail to consider the likely interactions with the other announced changes.

    In other words "If ONLY the set of changes in that announcement were to be dropped into WoW tomorrow, it would suck and therefore it will suck in Cataclysm"

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    Most of the pessimism is from, forgive my lack of a friendlier term, idiots. The changes will, for the most part, yield pretty damned good balance and equivalence. Differences between classes will be only relevant in higher quality PVP play.

    The differences will yield, primarily, nothing but changes in flavor. The way you play Warriors will change some but the performance will be the same regardless of how it is achieved.

    The idiots crying that the sky is falling should just be banned, because they don't have the capability to understand the design system of the game and provide next to nothing but complaints to this forum. Granted I'm alot less forgiving then most, but really, stfu already...

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    It's always like this. It was like this in vanilla when they previewed TBC, and the same again when they previewed WOTLK. It's how people handle change, and Blizzard know it. I don't think people are idiots for reacting in this way, just emotionally involved and perhaps a little short sighted. The reason Blizzard give us this early preview is so that a) we can start getting used to the idea that things are going to change and b) so they can start getting a feel for how people will react to certain elements. By the time the whole beta process is through, many more things will have changed, and some that were touted to change will not have. Throughout that time, people will proclaim that the sky is falling, that Ghostcrawler is ruining their lives, or that they are quitting and re-rolling to class/game/reallife. Everything needs to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt and a large lump of patience.

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