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Thread: Bear Tank gemming

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    Bear Tank gemming

    Hey guys.

    A recent post from a forum troll (go figure) that hijacked a recruitment thread for my guild has gotten me annoyed and I'd like some feedback.

    Currently I'm at 46 / 56 expertise. I had previously gemmed mostly +30 stamina and some +10 agil / +15 stamina but I was finding that my expertise was low (under the soft cap initally and so was my threat generation. With the gear I had I decided to sacrifice some gems to put in the +10 expertise / +15 stamina gems until I get a better weapon and/or the chest (the sack of wonder from ICC25 which has quite a bit of expertise on it).

    At which point I was going to swap some gems back out again.

    Here's my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...hor&cn=Magiere

    I made this decision this because of course expertise is your best threat stat (followed by hit to 8%) according to the guides here.Of course I realize that expertise is not a recommended gem off the guide, but the setup I have now seems to be working out. My rotation for tanking is good and I don't get any complaints regarding either my ability to take hits or my threat generation, which has improved since I swapped them out. My HPs are good and my dodge is good.

    I've seen a druid or two on my server putting +20 agil gems all over the place and of course I don't rag on their choice of gems, obviously they felt that they wanted more agility.

    I thought I was doing ok for myself *shrug*. I'm probably just overreacting but the troll annoyed me enough to make me post here. I'd appreciate any feedback / constructive criticism that you guys can offer.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not sure what your question is, but if you're looking for help with your character, there is a separate forum for those questions. Otherwise there are 100 topics on proper gemming techniques in the search box.
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    Moved to HALP! forum where this belongs. please re-read rules before posting.

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    Don't let trolls get to you. I personally would be using the agi / stam gems instead of the expertise / stam if I were in your shoes, but honestly it's up to you. You are giving up survivability by loosing the dodge and armor that agi provides, but thats about it. Expertise is a great thing to have and you are still below the expertise parry cap so even more wouldn't hurt. It's just like any of your other stats, once you reach a certian minimum threshold you just need to play around and find the balance you like.

    Unless you really are riding the threat line and barely keeping the bosses off your DPS, I would replace a few of the expertise gems in favor of stam.

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    Hi All,

    I wanted to come and do some gemming queries as well and saw this thread so I decided to post here instead of creating a new one.

    Firstly the expertise numbers that you are giving are interesting. I have 21 Expertise (talents and some off gear) and I am doing 9K+ and having to slack off sometimes if I am OT. Useless info but thought I would share that so that you don;t go ape on a expertise

    Anyway. I recently upgrade 2 pieces of gear of mine and lost 136 hit in the process. I didn't know I lost the hit until I caused a wipe on Putricide and Princes cos my FFF and Taunt missed. So I had to gem 60 hit to alleviate that loss. After this I went back to rawr which I have always used as a guideline and loaded myself in there with my new gear.

    Now I know from raiding that 55k+ health is a starting point for some of the more difficult encounters and as such I have gemmed alot of stamina. but according to rawr, I should change all my gems to agility. So based on rawr I have always tried to keep mitigation and survival balanced but it seems that it is leaning heavily towards mitigation. In ICC I have 37% dodge raid buffed and about 52k health now that I had to gem some hit. If I changed everything to agility I would go down to about 48k health.

    So the question is....is any1 else using Rawr and do they know why it is doing that and then more importantly, what is the optimin gemming solution.....balance stam and agil or full out stam and hope the healers can keep up?

    Appreciate your help

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    Expertise being the best threat stat isn't true. Its' not stated here either.

    The best threat stat is expertise until the dodge cap (26 expertise skill/132 expertise rating assuming primal precision), then HIT, then expertise, then armor pen.

    In terms of your gemming/enchanting, you're doing some odd things that don't make sense. For instance - 2% more threat is going to be a bigger boost than 18 stam on gloves to your overall threat. Even if it weren't, doing 15 expertise is better than 18 stam as an enchant if it lets you swap a 15 stam/10 expertise gem for a 30 stam one. You're not getting the +8 agi as your socket bonus to your head, which is a huge socket bonus and well worth a non-stam gem.You're using idol of mutilation instead of the corruptor, which isn't as good for bears.

    Mostly, your professions are largely horrible. That's probably the single biggest improvement you could make - swapping herbalism for JC or LW.

    As to Rawr recommending Agility - note that the default values are set pretty low in terms of survival thresholds. Take what it recommends out of the box with a grain of salt. Know the encounters and what's relevant. For most of the harder fights in 10 and 25 the recommendations are simply not correct. Adjust the survival rate accordingly. Also, nothing in ICC parry hastes, so you should likely click this off; otherwise you may overvalue expertise.

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    What I want to know is where you are getting the idea of going with 46 expertise. 26 expertise is the soft cap; anything more is gravy, but not worth gemming for.

    Agility fuels so many things: Armour, dodge, crit (threat, Savage Defense, 5 rage on all crits including each and every swipe crit). Agi/Stam stam is the way to go which gets you worthy socket bonuses while boosting your prime stat, stamina.

    if you are seeing 20 agi gems, it is indicative of cat gear, they may have been doubling as a bear for heroics or something (but generally not nearly as good as an agi/stam gemmed bear)

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