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Thread: dk tank help

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    dk tank help

    i have 60 frost badges on my death knight tank and i was wondering what the biggest upgrade is for me? i also was wondering if the h pos trinket and the triumph armor trinket were any good?
    heres my death knights armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...r&cn=Gnomehawk

    my shaman has two hit rating trinkets and i was wondering what i can do to replace them with something better? if i replace them i loose hit, how do i get it back?
    armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...hor&cn=Gansham

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    The thumb isn't great. The Black Heart from regular ToC-5 is better. The key and armor trinket are the best pair without raiding. The cloak is your biggest upgrade.

    I know nothing about shaman. Sorry.

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    Gear looks good overall.
    You might want to change dodge/stam gems to Expertise/Stam though, because you are way under 26 Expertise.
    Also you might want to change the def/stam gems to Hit/Stam since your Hit Rating is a bit low. There are others that say never do anything for hit rating, but I believe in having Hit Rating from about 200-263 (175 at the lowest), those that say there is no need for Hit Rating, say get the "Taunt" Glyph instead

    As to the Trinket.
    The Key paired with the Glyph (Triumph Emblems) would be your strongest pairing. With the Key and Black Heart (or even better a Brewfest Trinket) being used for fights with Magic Damage.
    Avoidance tanking for the most part is discouraged, except for very select fights depending on your role, or for heroics.

    As to the Shammy, you might want to created a seperate thread for that or even look over at maybe Elitistjerks.com

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