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Thread: Looking for any and all advice on spec and gear...

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    Looking for any and all advice on spec and gear...


    What I am wondering is if my gear looks as though I can make any changes for the better specifically with gemming. I am slightly confused if, for example, I should have gemmed straight up stamina on my breastplate.

    The next question I have is Emblem of frost purchases. Imagine you are tanking with this toon, what are you buying next?

    Thank you all in advance.
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    Armory looks decently solid

    Yes gem all 30 stam in your BP, but then you lose the red gem for your meta requirement, so you need to put an agi/stam gem in your belt.

    I would get either cataclysmic chestguard or gauntlets of the kraken next.

    Also put 18 stam on shield.

    I don't really know anything about pally speccing, just gearing, so I'll leave that alone, otherwise it looks pretty solid though.
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    Agreed with Aggathon. Swap a few gems around, reenchant your shield, and you're good to go.

    I also agree with getting the chest or gloves next. I think that the gloves are a more urgent upgrade for you on one hand, but on the other the chest would give you some flexibility in terms of expertise, in case you get a new helm or shoulders soon. Your call really.

    (Your spec is identical to the one I use and recommend, by the way)

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