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Thread: Comparing dps on spreadsheet to dps on dummy

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    Comparing dps on spreadsheet to dps on dummy

    Hi, I'm a fury warrior, and I was just wondering how much less dps people usually do on target dummies than according to the spreadsheet (I use Landsoul's, as do most warriors I know.) Unbuffed (only rampage, not even battle shout) my dps should be 5101, but on the dummy it's around 4900-5000.

    In my rotation, I start with WW -> BT, but the two cooldowns tend to start overlapping (since I use the one second after BT to slam.) Is there any rule of thumb to follow when this starts happening, like, dont BT if WW has .5 seconds until its off CD? Thanks for any help/suggestions/imput.

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    I don't know warriors but if you're only off by 100-200 dps from what a spreadsheet says I think thats pretty accurate. I'm assuming the spreadsheet is calculating every GCD and hitting each CD at the exact time where we would have a small latency problem or we might miss something right when it comes off CD. I do not play a warrior but I think thats pretty good if you can get that close on a training dummy.

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    Latency, player reaction time, and not a large enough pool of data likely account for the difference.
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    Such a tiny difference as 1-200 dps can be accounted for by RNG. Now I'm not saying that you haven't tested and retested your dps, because even assuming you do, assuming that you try this a million times over 48 hours there may still be a discrepancy with perfect rotation. We don't know if Excel's RNG is the same as Wow's RNG. A big mistake a lot of people make is assuming that every RNG in the world is the same one, but the truth is that there's no such thing as a true RNG, and depending on how it's programmed there will be differences in the numbers and frequency of numbers generated.

    I would assume wow and Excel's RNG are different based purely on the fact Excel's programming is copyrighted. I won't state this as a fact though, as I don't actually know.

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