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Thread: Bear Tanking Advice

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    Bear Tanking Advice


    I'm working on getting my bear tank alt to be ICC ready. I think he is pretty much there but could use some advice for maintaining higher threat. I grabbed the leather craftables and some BoEs to make up my set. Is there something I could change for threat (i.e. AGI gems, changing talent spec, use my darkmoon card AGI?)


    I use the typical threat rotation as per Darksend's video. I also realize it could be a question of doing ICC alongside dps that is geared to the teeth unlike me atm.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    DMC for agi wont do anything for your threat sadly agi =/= AP for a bear. Really your dps should tricks/MD to you roughly on CD and everyone should watch their agro. Most of the time you will have a dps right on your butt and its their job, not yours, to keep them from pulling agro. If you're doing your rotation right and not dying, then you're doing fine.
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    Your gear looks pretty solid. Everything is gemed as I would do it and it looks like you got some pretty good pieces.

    I noticed you took a few talents that are fairly luxury in your current spec, mainly Omen of Clarity and Primal Fury (and to a lesser extent King of the Jungle). While those are good talents and do help you keep rage in heroics by and large they don't have a lot of raid use. In my experience Rotface is the only ICC boss that will rage starve ya, and even that is manageable with proper use of Enrage. Giving up King of the Jungle will hurt your cat DPS, but if you having trobule with your main job, then I would spec for whatever helps that.

    Something I would consider is changing from an improved mangle spec to a master shape shifter spec.

    Something like this perhaps?

    That leave four points up to you. If you really wanted to you could keep Imp. Mangle but in my experince that talent is usally not a super good return for the points. I personally would drop the last four in to feral aggression to have that full power demo roar.

    And always, whenever a bear complains about threat I gotta ask. Are you 110% sure that you are doing maul?

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    Lol yeah Liquidska.

    Always work Mangle, Maul, Lacerate, and Faerie Fire.

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