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Thread: The pvp spec

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    The pvp spec

    OK as We all love to pvp and most warriros go arms for pvp. Is it possible to go as fury to pvp with in arena. Meaning No MS (bad) or Wheeliebin (BS) but in trade u get WW BT for more burst i guess. but as far as it goes would it be possilbe to arena with fury and be able to win?
    And as for gear and hit cap would you still need 5% hit or more since ur wielding 2h weapons and would it be better to be in full 232-251 pvp gear or 3/5 pvp set and 2/5 for the 2 set bonus offered by the DPS pve 232 set for the extra 6% arp?

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    Fury really isn't viable for arena... and you don't have more burst than arms. WW + BT hit for nothing in PVP gear. Fury MS is very unreliable, and the spec in general has less defensive capability than arms (ie. you cannot spell reflect unless you switch to D. stance). The moment you pop deathwish / recklessness to get the burst you need, the other team are going to focus you down like nothing.

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