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Thread: 10 and 25 heroic mode changes list?

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    10 and 25 heroic mode changes list?

    Does anybody know a complete list of the changes of each encounter from normal to hardmode in 10 and 25 seperately? I've found bits and pieces here and there but am desperately looking for a confirmed list of changes by each encounter (mainly for 10 man, but interested in 25 info also).

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    Marrowgar -> 50% more damage and health(around there), spikes have 104k health, he spikes during bone storms, bone storm does 5k+ damage, flames deal more damage, last longer and are pretty rampant.
    Deathwhisper -> double health, much faster add spawn rate and increased health, untauntable, mind controls 1 person, casts death and decay in p1 as well, a single add spawns behind you in p2.
    Gunship -> mortars push you back if it hits, muradin does double damage.
    Saurfang -> 9k+ auto attacks at 0 RP, 12.6m hp, blood beasts have 150k health, aoe 80% snare shortly after beasts spawns, increased nova/boil damage, 20% heal if the fallen champion dies, rune of blood gives like 5+ rp so taunt quick.

    Festergut -> 13.4m health, putricide throws malleable goo every 30 seconds or so, a big increase in attack power.
    Rotface -> 30% or so more health, hits for 17k+, the disease is -75% healing, putricide throws a red gas cloud at a random member every now and then, it prevents movement, does damage and reduces hit rate by 75% over 5 seconds.

    Council -> 50% more hp, both princes hit 20k on 43k armor, kinetic bombs do 18k damage to the raid,empowered flame orbs take a bit longer to be non-lethal, you take a shadow damage debuff that increases if you move(doesn't apply damage the moment you stop).
    Queen lanathel -> 18-19m health, her aura does 5% more damage per vampire, that's about it.

    Valithria -> She loses health at a very fast rate, add health and attack is greatly increased, add spawn rate is greatly increased, the exploding zombies move faster than you, the frostbolt volley also reduces the raid's mana by 2000 if it hits, the orbs also damage the healer. The healers claim there are more orbs and you move faster in the phased zone.

    All from experience.

    Video info

    Put -> more hp and attack in general, you get a dot that does increased damage over time that you have to pass to other members, you get a stacking +250% taken debuff from said disease that is also passable. Phase change does not stun, instead putricide pauses for 35 seconds while 2 slimes spawn.

    Sindragosa -> more hp and attack, ice beacons in phase 1, the arcane debuff now explodes in an aoe.

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    >casts death and decay in p1
    wasn't she doing that in normal too, or just in 25man normal

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    Yes she was - DND was cast throughout the fight in normal mode, in both 10 and 25man.

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    Never notice it for some reason, guess she likes spamming it on the middle and my opposite sides.

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    For Marrowgar:

    Bone Spikes in 10man have 113k HP.

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    Maybe some1 can provide more information about 25 HM?

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    Some 25man specific HM info, not listing all the overall increased damage, it's safe to assume that anything I don't list is the same as 10m hardmode:

    - Same amount of spikes as normal, otherwise like 10man

    - 3 adds per wave in phase 2, alternating left and right
    - 3 ghosts that explode for 23-25k each

    - Still free epics
    - Rockets give a tiny knockback, harmless

    - Same changes in gameplay as 10man

    - 1 Malleable goo

    - 3 Vile gas

    - 3 Malleable Goo

    - Increased spawn speed of kinetic bombs

    - Nothing that I know of

    - Same, just overall boost

    - No idea

    Lich king (10man)
    - Shadow trap, targeted spell, lands where someone stands and forms a black effect, after a few seconds turns into a black circle. It acts like a dot if you stand on it, and a tick from it will send you flying to dalaran.

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    Heroic Marrowgar 25:
    -Cold Flame lasts longer and does significantly more damage (11,000 before resists)
    -2 Bone Spikes Graveyard casts (each Impaling 3 players) happen prior to, and during each Bone Storm
    -Bone Storm hits for ~3k every 2 seconds after mitigation to players at max range of his hitbox and increasing to up to ~13k at the center of his hitbox
    -Bone Storm whirlwinds at each location he charges for ~4 seconds now compared to ~2 seconds before

    Heroic Gunship 25:
    -Mobs hit marginally harder both on your players and on your ship
    -Whirlwinding mobs on home ship that melee should back away from instead of just eating and being healed through
    -Mortar strikes cause a ~10 yard knockback
    -Soft enrage as more "Sub Zero" casting Sorcerers appear at a time if you allow the encounter to last too long
    -If you can kill Gunship 25 normal, you can kill it Heroic. Our ship still had 78% health when we killed theirs so expecting this to get buffed

    Heroic Saurfang 25:
    -Each Blood Beast has significantly more health and after spawning gain Scent of Blood, a buff increasing their size by 50%, damage by 300%, and slowing nearby players by 80%
    -Saurfang gains Blood Power significantly faster causing many more Mark of the Fallen Champion
    -A player killed with Mark of the Fallen Champion will heal Saurfang by 20%, almost ensuring a wipe

    Heroic Rotface 25:
    -Ooze Flood causes a stacking debuff that not only does damage, but also slows movement speed by 10%, stacking up to 10 times
    -Putricide will cast Vile Gas on 3 random raid member and debuff all players within 8 yards (preferring ranged as long as there are at least 7 member outside of melee). We had all ranged DPS out the outside ring of the room at each of the jutting pillars from the wall to minimize Vile Gas chaining and Slime Spray on too many people.
    -Vile Gas is a 6 second debuff that will stun a player every 2 seconds and disorient them, during which they will take ~6k damage and spray everyone within 8 yards for ~5k
    -Mutated Infection reduces healing received by 75% instead of 50% and is cast significantly faster after the second Unstable Ooze Explosion (at around the 4 minute mark he was casting a new Mutated Infection every 5 seconds) which will often result in several Big Ooze formations in the melee clump if not handled efficiently. (We used an extra healer to Body and Soul the Mutated Infection target and heal them until they could get into place to be dispelled.


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