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Thread: So many questions....

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    So many questions....

    I am a current officer in a guild and our problem at the moment is attendance. We have more than enough ppl to field a 25 man icc but when we schedule it only 12 show up and maybe half show up on time and our 10 mans are just as bad. we have 3 groups and about to have a 4th icc 10. we waited around for our tank in group 1 for over an hour. to keep us occupied we clear the trash up to marrowgar 3 times. anyway.. i was wondering how to go about disciplining attendance or if any of you are having similar problems? There was a thought of throwing a looting system in there for motivation to show up on time, the one we used to use was karma, but we done away with it due to pugging out a lot we felt that if we used the looting system ppl would not want to raid with us bc they did not have an equal chance on loot and our rep would go down and lose possible recruits.

    what would you do in this situation and what advise would you give?
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    I would schedule a 25 man for when the majority of people will show up and then pug the remaining spots. This will have some benefits:

    * The other guild members will feel left out and get their arses in gear to attend the next 25.
    * Pugging might give you raiders that are able to raid those times. And a pug in a raid is the perfect interview..

    Keep the 25 man run the same time every week and soon people will find ways to plan their time to attend. Nothing motivates raiders more than seeing other guildies getting better loot from a raid that they could've attended... but didn't.
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    What worked for us

    My guild was having a similar problem for our 25s. People would show up, but often 30 minutes late. As a result, raids were starting later and later for no good reason. Those that showed up on time wound up having to wait the longest.

    One of our officers suggested a modification to the loot rules. My guild uses a slightly modified mainspec/offspec roll system. The suggested change was that anybody that had accepted the invite within 5 minutes of the posted start time would get a "bonus reroll". Those with bonus rerolls could choose to roll again once during the raid. So, if the item you really wanted dropped and you rolled a 1, you could try again and hopefully get a better roll. The new roll would replace the old one if it were higher.

    We had three people who were already unhappy leave the guild over this but otherwise it has been a great success. Generally we have about 22 slots filled by 5:05pm and the other three fill up shortly thereafter. The situation isn't perfect, but this was a fairly minor change that improved things a lot. I think the most important part of introducing something like this will be having a very short and clear explanation of how it works.

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