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Thread: Rules for Your Raid

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    Rules for Your Raid

    Greetings Tankspotters!

    I have planned to create a guild at some point later this year, and have set up a Guild 'Plan', or model if you'd like, where I ask for critique and feedback.

    Now, this guild is going to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with set raiding times, where, hopefully, the raidleader (which may or may not be me) keeps everyone moving, and it's also meant to be possible to learn encounters, even though I'll expect everyone to have read (or watched) the tactics for each fight we'll be doing.

    What I'm asking the community here then, is what official rules that everyone should follow, should I set up for my raid?
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    The first and most obvious piece of advice I have for you is this:

    No drama.

    This is something that eats away at every guild, and there have been a few guilds that I've been a part of that literally collapsed because of internal drama. I've also been a part of some guilds that were drama free and very successful. The idea behind this is that you don't want 14 year olds in your raid that curse with every other word they say and try to pick fights with people that aren't "as good" as they are. When I was an officer in my last guild (stopped raiding a few months ago for a break) we had a policy that no one under the age of 20 could join the guild. We also made people prove it in some cases. We just felt that an older, more mature raid got things done with clearer heads and had a more enjoyable experience because of it. The best raids are the raids where people go into it and have fun. If there is no fun, then there is no point to raiding (in my opinion).

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    there was a thread a while ago i started called becoming raid leader
    it has some very good points about rules etc in it and well worth a read

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