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Thread: Retribution Paladin: Trinket Question, Macros, Addon,and arP Question! Please help :)

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    Retribution Paladin: Trinket Question, Macros, Addon,and arP Question! Please help :)

    Hey guys,

    I have had help with my warrior before, but now that I have been working hard on my paladin, and I have a few questions.

    The Herkumi War Token. The item level 264 trinket from badges, is this worth getting? I am having a very hard time getting any better Trinkets than Mirror of truth/Darkmoon Card: Greatness. I have my 2 piece t10 set, and am actively working towards my 4 set. However, I heard that it is helpful. Has anyone had any experience with this trinket that they can help?

    Next, CLCRet, the addon. I know Lore talked about it in his weekly marmot. Does this help with T10 Sets as well, or should I change it up? This addon is a very big help so far, (Thanks Lore).

    Nextly, Macros. Does anybody have any helpful macros that really can help my DPS? I am entirely open to any suggestions in this area. I do not have any "USE" macros or I would bind them with my Avenging Wrath. If anyone has any other than this, please share .

    Lastly, the armor penetration boots. Should I invest my gold into these boots, because I am willing to do anything necessary to maximize my DPS, (other than buy shadow's edge :P).

    Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for anyone who puts the time into helping me out!


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    The Herkumi War Token is actually quite a good trinket from what I've read (http://retributionpaladins.com/best-ret-pally-trinkets/).

    As far as I know ArP kind of sucks for ret paladins. Only a few specials rely on armor pen (CS and DS) and the rest are magic based, so its prob not worth getting the boots made unless they also give you a lot more str or crit as well (I'm not sure the exact stats on the boots you're referencing).

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