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Thread: Ret T9 + T10

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    Ret T9 + T10

    Hi, I'm here because I would like to know how much the Ret Pally T9 Set bonus is worth.

    Armory : http://armory.wow-europe.com/charact...ht&cn=Kiblinix

    I am coming close to getting 95 Emblems of Frost, so I was wondering what would be the best upgrade to buy for me? I intend on buying the T10 chest, because it is a decent upgrade from my current chest and it is part of the T10 set bonus of course, which the 2P is great from what I believe.
    My problem is, what about the T9 bonus? How good is the T9 2P, and is it worth losing for the T10 chest? I could replace another piece of gear to get the T9 bonus back, but my current gear is better than 232ilvl gear. I could replace my shoulders, but is it worth it?

    If somebody could also take a quick look at my glyphs, are there any better ones than the ones I already have?

    PS: Don't mention my hit rating, I know I am over the cap.

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    Well, this is all my opinion, just so you know. I also play a ret paladin and I was struck with this same question. If I were you, I would replace the gloves with another piece of t9, so that you can get the 2 piece. The chest is very nice, and if you can get gloves or legs from VOA you'll be set.

    As far as your glyphs, since you are expertise capped, you could replace Seal of Vengeance with Glyph of Consecration, which will help .

    I hope I have helped, good luck .

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