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Thread: Frost DK How can i increase my threat.

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    Frost DK How can i increase my threat.

    Hi, My main in currently a frost DK. I've been frost since I made this toon, and I'm kind of stuck on a threat cap so to speak. I run the standard rotation pretty well but at times It's difficult to start up some threat from explosive DPS. I have 39 Expertise and 8% Hit. I've got a duel wield spec with 27 Expertise and 10% hit with the talent. Heres my guy:


    I was wondering if my dodge is too low for my chances on runestrike(which is bind to every key I touch). Is that the only way for my to increase my threat? Should I gem for Dodge?

    I don't know why that paragraph was underlined and would not go away, sorry about that.

    Thanks for reading !


    I also understood that frost DKs for DW must use slow weapons, but what if the same goes for my 2h (main spec). I have ramaladni's blade of culling. What more can I do with that? Or... is frost just emphasizing for dual wielding. I mean, at times i do pull up to 12k TPS. but it seems it's based off random rune strike procs. Nowadays, with such exploding dps, I need all the DPS I can get. YOU FEEL ME?

    I've always wanted to ask this question for DK Frost DW tanks. Does the rune strike from ToT double hit -> double the threat generated?
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    Simple - you're using fast weapons. Tanking with fast "tank" weapons is possible, but likely going to result in major threat issues. The loss of tank stats is, in my opinion, well worth the tradeoff for the threat you gain with slow DPS weapons.

    At the very least, use a slow MH and a fast tanking OH (the Ony weapon works better for this, as it is 2.0 speed which is halfway decent).

    Also consider changing your spec to include 5/5 Bladed Armor. I would take the point out of Morbidity (which is a hotly debated talent for Frost, I'd like to avoid that big discussion) or Chill of the Grave.

    Also, I see the HB glyph. You can single-disease tank for raid bosses, but if you run into threat problems it's best to add the second disease to buff your Oblit and Blood Strike. HB glyph would be nice to hold onto for trash or heroics, but if you're looking to min/max as a raider you should probably switch it out for UA or Rune Strike or something.

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    Your weapons, especially rimefangs claw, are fast. If you need more threat dual wield slow/slow. I'd suggest 2 Black Icicles from H HoR.

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    I agree with the others on weapon choice. Slow/Slow ie. 2.5/2.6 speed weapons are the bread and butter of Frost DW Dks for maintaining high threat. Probably the best outside of ICC/TOTC raids is Nighttime from Heroic Forge of Souls.

    Make sure to hang on to your dual Rimefangs tho.. on my DK I run around with 6 weapons to switch out as needed. Threat weapons (Slo/Slo), Survivability(fast/fast tank weapons), and Dps weapons. Great thing about weapons is you can hotkey switch them out in fights as you need to. So for general purposes use your threat set.

    When you are helping tank team bosses like Gormokk, Marrowgar, Festergut.. or solo OT, Rotface slime kiter, Gunship Saurfang tank or Blood prince range tank throw on your survivability set as in these situations your threat is not your primary concern either due to force taunt tank rotation or by mechanic your target isnt being dps'ed.

    Some good upgrades once in 10 man are Frost Giants Clever from 10Gunship, Gutbuster from 10Fester, 1h Sword from Blood Princes 10m (cant recall name offhand)

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    Hey man, thanks for the replies! I've got a question. What makes fast fast a survivability? Is it the tanking stats included with the rimefangs?


    Never mind, I got it! I didn't see the "Survivability(fast/fast tank weapons) as stated to explain why.
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    Sure thing, lots of DK's I talk to in pugs constantly ask why I switch weapons so much or why I don't use tanking weapons. To most it just seems odd to be a tank and not use tank weapons, but thats DK's for ya.. anything but the norm compared to the other tanks

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