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Thread: Geared (?) Warrior lf general advice...enchants/build...

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    Geared (?) Warrior lf general advice...enchants/build...

    Pretty well geared (imo) prot warrior, currently tanking 10 ICC looking for general help with build,enchants, anything that can help, I run with some weaker, less geared healers, and have never had anyone aside from myself take a look at my entire setup to evaluate if I'm really doing things right.


    any advice is welcome

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    Let's take a look then.

    There's one glaring mistake I can see in your talent build. 3/5 Anticipation. I strongly recommend you ditch a couple of points from Shield Spec and pick that up straight away. A 2% chance to completely avoid an attack is much more powerful than a 2% chance to block for 2k. An alternative place to get those points would be to take them out of Cruelty. 2% dodge is a lot of itempoints worth of kit


    In terms of glyphs, I would recommend replacing Glyph of Sunder Armor. There aren't so many times in ICC where its really beneficial to sunder up a secondary target. If you're worried about AoE threat, perhaps try Glyph of Cleaving. Other options are Glyph of Taunt or (if you free up another 2 talent points for Improved Disciplines) take Glyph of Shield Wall. That option is quite a good one if you're running with weaker healers, as it gives Shield Wall a 2min cooldown.
    I would also recommend you pick up Glyph of Command over Glyph of Battle perhaps, but that's just a minor.

    The gear you have is pretty solid, though you have a few pieces with shield block value which isn't that great a stat. If you can manage it, getting crafted legs would put you up a notch, and I'd say try pick up the t10 shoulders in due course. Also try pick up the badge cloak and then chestpiece, which have lots of armor. Hopefully you'll get the Gunship shield in due course.

    A few things you could improve here to improve your effective health.
    Hands: Threat shouldn't be a huge issue, and 10 parry rating really doesn't do a lot. Get 18 stam (armor kit) or 240 armor (glove reinforcements).
    Boots: Tuskarr's Vitality (preferably) or 22 stam.
    Shield: 18 stam or 22 def.
    Weapon: Blade Ward's okaaay but personally I prefer Blood Draining, particularly if you have a little less confidence in your healers.
    Chest: 275 health is actually better than 10 stats for EH.
    Shoulders: Consider the PVP enchant - 30 stam.

    Mostly pure stamina gemming, which makes sense, and the right meta.
    I would recommend changing your red gem to dodge/stam (regal dreadstone) and also put it in your helmet (gives a 12 stam gem bonus, rather than 9 stam in your legs)
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    /agree with Fayre on many points, especially maxing out Anticipation

    Another thing to consider is, as a Warrior you have a ton of viable glyph options. Buy (or better yet, get a scribe friend to craft them for 1/10 the AH price) a stack of several glyphs and simply switch them out on different fights. Cleaving for add tanking, Shield Wall and Last Stand for CD-oriented boss fights like Uncle Fester (Shield Wall glyph is especially useful in conjunction with the Improved Disciplines talent, reducing it to 40% every 2 minutes), so on and so forth. You can customize your glyphs to the individual encounter, make sure to make use of this ability.

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    Thank you. I'm sitting on 86 frosties atm.... I've looked at the badge cloak, but was thinking I'd upgrade the chest first... yeah, really been hoping to see the gunship shield drop, but not yet....someday... really appreciate the audit, will make some of the changes right away when servers come up. I've never been the guy that changes things up on a fight by fight basis, like glyphs or equip....guess I'm lazy that way!?....maybe thats an improvement I can make that will help out in raids though eh?..

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