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Thread: Resto Shaman - Advice on Tuning

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    Resto Shaman - Advice on Tuning

    Apologies if I'm in the wrong place here guys but here goes...


    This is the link to my armoury, I run the guild and recently started to take tentative steps towards raiding...ooo scary! Question is can anyone give me advice on gear set up. I'm 45 and obviously senile cos everytime I change a gem or an enchant I seem to go backwards lol!!

    If someone could give me some hints or tips and tell me what I need to get would really appreciate it (and so would my guildies. I have over 300 triumph emblems and a fair bit of gold if I need to get new stuff from vendors/AH.

    Thanks for the time apologies again if I'm in the wrong place.

    I'm also reachable by email philbird@me.com

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    Your Resto spec looks OK for the most part, however I'd recommend taking 3 points from either Elemental Weapons or Healing Way to fill out Healing Focus - the pushback resistance is helpful in many raid situations. As for which of those two talents to lose, it depends on your playstyle. If you find yourself tank healing with Healing Wave fairly often, lose Elemental Weapons (all you lose is what, 50 spellpower?). If you hardly ever use Healing Wave, lose the points in Healing Way (why buff a spell you hardly use).

    You're currently saved in a very scary mix of Enh and Resto gear that I'm hesitant to comment on. If you don't have a full Enh set but do have decent Resto gear, I'd suggest going with Elemental offspec and just working in whatever spellpower/hit gear you can find (like the cloak and ring from H ToC 5). It's much easier to gear up Ele than Enh, especially if you're Resto mainspec.

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