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Thread: Combat DPS: What am I doing wrong?

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    Combat DPS: What am I doing wrong?

    I've been poking my head around on World of Logs, trying to see how I compare to other combat rogues, and I come out a LOT (~2k) lower on tanknspank fights like Festergut than other comparably geared combat rogues. I'm keeping SnD up around 90-95% of the time (not perfect, but not 2k DPS bad), I'm receiving 7-8 glyphed ToTTs per 300 second fight, and I'm using all my cooldowns (ToTT, BF, KS, AR) as they come off cooldown. I've been working on this problem for about three weeks now and I've done a fair amount of research and a lot of testing to absolutely no avail.

    Simple question: does anyone have any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

    Armory link

    World of Logs link

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    do you blow all ur cds at once?
    pre wotlk. i was combat
    i found that instead of bf + Ar. i used them seperately to kinda keep dps balanced instead of only bursting during ar.
    yes the bf during ar is a nice speed buff but with snd and proper haste etc, it worked out just fine.
    try looking up combat rogue rotations on wow forums.

    ive since switched to mutilate because i coudlnt get my hands on any good combat weps. muti is rogue on ez mode kinda

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardjai View Post
    ive since switched to mutilate because i coudlnt get my hands on any good combat weps. muti is rogue on ez mode kinda
    I wouldn't mind trying Mut on my rogue, but I have the worst luck with daggers. The only dagger drop I have ever gotten was one from Naxx10. lol

    BTW is there any stigma associated with Combat Rogues? I was in a random where the Tank was from Illidan and first thing out of his mouth was "Rogue what spec are you" me "Combat Swords" him "you just went from bad dps to terrible" and I'm like wtf, especially since I had the highest dps, and either he was trying to get me killed by pulling off him or he just sucked, I'm not sure, had to use vanish a few times.

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    well mutilate is ok i guess, i really did love combat sword spec. but with no good swords at the time it was hard, i ended up with 2x "Murder" the dagger that drops from sarth25 in naxx.
    since then i ususally only did daily heroic on my rogue and other rogues were telling me that muti was the new shiznitt especially if ur gear isnt great.
    muti spec is.. pretty simple. and my dps went up a little bit.
    just gotta keep 1 simple rotation:
    garrote -> hfB> snd > muti> envenom > muti 2x > envenom tinse repeat w/ tricks up

    but i always loved the ANGRY ADRENALINE RUSHHH w/ bloodlust etc combat has
    i found also on my server the better geared rogues have respecced back to comabt axes/swords. and do great dps.

    so i mean for now if ur gears not great muti will be a great dps boost. then when u pick up better weps etc say in toc 10/25 and icc switch back to combat, cuz combat was almost definitely more fun

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    Well, a few things.

    I do know a few good combat rogues that are pulling the +2k DPS over you that you're referring to, and they all gem straight AP, and also have around 100 more hit than you. Most combat rogues I see have in the range of 450-500 hit. I can do about the DPS you're talking about as combat in mostly 245 gear. You also didn't mention what rotation you're using.

    The only glaring thing to me would be to get your hit up to at least 400 if possible. With the trinkets you have, you're on the borderline of whether AP gemming or arpen gemming will be better. I have a feeling you'd see more DPS from AP gemming, but that's a big investment just to see.
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    Maybe you should try using my specc (Rogueworst @ Bloodscalp).
    I open with garrote and pop (with 1 combo point) my SnD. after that i use eviscerate after 5 combo points. thats the standard part.
    Its never usefull to get 5 combo points and than SnD
    A good opening is btw TotT -> Stealth -> Garrote -> SnD -> BF -> KS

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    Depends on the exact spec, as 15/51/5 grants you an energy regen increase, and 20/51/0 gives you increased poision damage and application. My current rotation is as follows,

    SnD2 > Rup5 > SnD2 > Evis5
    With SnD glyphed, Killing spree and SS glyphed as well. I pulled close to 8k in uld and do between 6-7k dps in ICC 10 man.

    Combat's major issue is that it is very weapon and gear dependant and takes' time to /ramp up/ to it's damage celing. But you will hit a celing.

    I have some rogue theroycrafting posts up, showing some combat numbers, also a link to my armory as well. I'm not staking ArP and doing just fine in ICC.

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    • Use KS with onUse trinkets
    • Don't use AR+KS ever!
    • Use BF if you have some other haste procs or try aligning BF with heroism if you know when it will go.
    • 2cp -> SnD, 5cp->evis will work in most cases.
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