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    Progression raiding DPS. Fury Warrior.


    Hi Guys. Im running icc10/25 on my warrior twinkatonk, previously MS prot i've been asked to roll fury for guild progression. Now this isnt a problem, my gear is pretty nice, i'm slightly over the soft Arp cap and about 3% over the soft hit cap due to talents with about 50% crit buffed. My AP + prio queue is fine but i'm really struggling to advance beyond 6.5 -7k Dps. I averaged about 7.1k on Festergut 25man this week with about 6.5k on other single target bosses.

    My itemization isn't amazing as regrettably i've sunk a lot of emblems into my prot gear. I was wondering if there was any advice you could give on how to crank out a bit more dps.

    NB: enchant on DBB is slacky i know, was only ever meant to be a stepping-stone weapon.

    Thanks for any advice that you have to offer.
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