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Thread: [H] Indecisive 9/12 ICC25

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    [H] Indecisive 10/12 ICC25 Evening PST

    Indecisive of the Silvermoon server (West Coast USA/Pacific Time zone) is currently recruiting as we push into Icecrown Citadel. We are a 25-man end game raiding guild and have been around for 4 years on Silvermoon. We are currently at 10/12 in Icecrown Citadel with Plagueworks (2-5-2010) + Crimson Halls (2-27-2010) cleared, and currently working on Sindragosa, and soon the Lich King.

    We are looking for competent and skilled players with a positive and mature attitude towards raiding and interested in being a long term member of our guild. We expect high attendance, a push to improve your performance in any role (heal, tank, dps), heightened awareness (don't stand in the fire, know when you should stand in the fire), a drive to always be at your best, and taking the time to understand a fight. If you can't meet these requirements, we are likely not the guild for you.

    We keep a small roster so please only apply if you can make the following times on a regular basis:
    Thursday 7-10p.m., Friday 7-11p.m., Saturday 6-11p.m.

    We are currently recruiting the following:
    Druid - resto, boomkin: high
    Mage: high
    Death Knight - dps/tank: high
    Rogue: high
    Shadow Priest

    For all roles/classes listed above we expect you to have put your best effort in gearing up given your access to content. Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Frost provide a great way to gear up. If you have not taken the time to run heroics, do the weekly raids for these emblems, or taken the time to collect head and shoulder enchants via reputation with required factions or via Inscription, then we are likely not the guild for you.

    Feel free to come chat with any of our guild members, or contact our recruitment team: Narlhug, Naive, Wonderful, Joke

    We welcome any applications at our website at:

    Check out our progression at: http://www.indecisives.net
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