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Thread: Help need advice on DK tanking

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    Help need advice on DK tanking

    Im really new to tanking, while leveling I tanked every normal I could. I have started to do Heroics and the Normal ICC 5mans. while doing all the normal 5 man ic ould hold agro no problem. No that i moved on I seen ive been losing aoe agro which never really happend before. Also on single target Ive noticed I can pull 1800+ tps according to omen( or what ever number system it uses, could be 180k). I seen people pulling 4-5k dps are the ones pulling off of me. and Massive aoe Seed, ect. Since im Unholy i didnt think i would lose aoe threat. Ive been noticing that ive been having to use DnD on single target boss fight too.

    Usual rotation is DnD, IT, PS then Pest. If BT is up I will BB.

    pleas check me out, any adive would be great. also yes i have read the DK guide on here like several times.

    Im trying to be the best tank I can so consructive critizism would be great. I also know that im dw unholy which ive never seen before.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend revisiting the guide once more, and please concentrate on the content. There are a number of problems with your spec, gearing and rotation. They seem to be a combination of several different schools of thought, which don't function so well together.

    The single biggest detriment to your threat is your spec/weapon combo. Threat generation while dual wielding isn't going to be nearly as functional in your Unholy spec as it is in a Frost spec because the dual wield talents that increase your chances to hit (and cause damage) with your off hand are in the Frost tree. If your heart is set on being a dual wield tank, you should reread the guide and follow the instructions for a dual wield Frost tank.

    Frost will also grant you the Howling Blast talent. When glyphed, you can start pulls with DND>HB>BB>BT>BB. You'll find this provides significantly more opening threat on a multi mob pull than you're seeing right now. For bosses, please follow the guide.

    At the first possible chance, you'll also want to pick up some of the slower 1H weapons from the new ICC 5 mans.
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    O.o UNHOLY DW Tank?
    Two things right off, your Hit Rating and Expertise are really low for DW tanking, even as a Frost DW.

    Get your professions up, you are cheating yourself out of 3 Dragon's Eyes and 60 Stamina.

    You want Scent of Blood instead of Butchery. Is all I'm saying regarding the spec, since it just seems to out there to me in general to DW Unholy Tank.

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    Thanks, I had the traditional spec and was using a 2 hand weapon from the guide, I was just trying to figure out something different. It seemed to work for a little bit. It is slowly decaying. Im probably going to respec the old way. Im a big fan of unholy so will go back to my old set up.

    I also know im lacking in stats, he has only been 80 for like 4-5 days. So im trying to progress my gear as fast as possible.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    DW is Frost Spec only. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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