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Thread: Is 4p Prot War T10 Worth it?

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    Is 4p Prot War T10 Worth it?

    Compared to other stuff is this worth not taking the off set peices that are better? Ive seen some news that its only eating pysical damage and its only 10 seconds ect. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have actually argued with my guildies over this one. This is also one of the reasons I have been looking at TankSpot so much lately. Prot warriors seem to be lacking in ICC and I am looking at anything and everything that can make us more survivable. I am in nearly all 264 gear atm, but only have 2 piece T10, guildies have argued with me that the set bonus is good enough for me to down grade 2 piece and use 251 for the 4 piece. However I feel that as nice as the bonus is in terms of a small cooldown, that the overall survivability provided by the gear is better. Now you brought up a great point with only physical damage, I am not sure if this is how it works or not, I was always under the impression it absorbed any type of damage, if it is really only physical damage that further devalues the 4 piece since I would mostly use it to help absorb Frost breaths on sindragosa and shadow damage on the Lich King encounter that would nearly 1 shot me otherwise. But this almost all magic damage. If it is all damage and not just physical I would suggest getting the 4 piece but only using it for sindragosa and maybe Lich King until you get all 264 tier 10.

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