as the title implies im just not sure if should keep gemming arp or switch back to str.
My Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...heron&cn=Gigas

i know im heavy overcapped with hit but my 2nd specc is fury and i had a long game-pause so my gear isnt that great. I have the Noble-Card for the trinket slot, but im not sure which trinket to replace, since i dont want to loose the passive arp from the banner but the procc from grim toll is very nice too. The scorpion from the 5man ICC heroic is just not proccing enough for my taste. And everyone is telling me that the more arp u get the better it becomes. im @ 75% arp right now (with stance and t10 bonus).

In my raids im often the (one and ) only warrior so if theres no feral i have to specc to fury for rampage and i have to keep sunder up. Full buffed im only @ 5,6-5,8k dps @ Festergut and Rotface.
I think we will kill the dreaming dragon (sry i forget those dragon names all the time) next week, while we still have heavy problems with the prof.
Blood Quarter will b no option in 25er content
In the 10 man icc we kill the prof the blood princes and queen.

i read the arms guide and found it very useful but just cant squeeze out more of my char.

So any advice on items and especially on arp is very welcome.
Sry for my bad english im from good old germany

omg how do i change the title? xD