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Thread: Blood Death Knight

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    Blood Death Knight

    To start with, I've been blood DPS since I've started and I've always used the same rotation while leveling and to raids, reaching up to 4K on some trash pulls in Heroics and I tend to stay around 3-4K DPS for Raids. I've been bothered recently, since I've wondered whether or not my spec or rotation is right.

    My Rotation: Icy Touch - Plague Strike - Heart Strike x2 - Death Strike - Death Coil. Rinse and repeat, proc Hysteria+Dancing Rune Weapon during the boss fight once certain buffs proc.

    I know that I am way over hit cap and under expertise, but I have no idea whether to stack armor pen or strength.

    Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...n&r=Shu%27halo

    EDIT: I'm also unsure if this is supposed to be in "HALP! I need advice!" or here.
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    This is my Rotation.. If you have Death Rune Mastery.. PS IT HSx2 DS DC DS HSx6(or x4) DC Repeat. Though I am wondering if doing x6 one is doing x4 because I am currently testing it. I pull about 4k-5k On Boss And my GS is 2.65k On WOW-HEROES. So IDK. AOE Pulls Are IC PS PEST DND - DS PS PEST DCx2 DS HS DND (repeat the 2nd line if you have Glyph of Disease).
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    You do not want to be stacking armor pen, sure you need it leave that to ur gear though , all ur gems should be 20 strength except for 2 that is to activate ur meta gem , ur spec is indeed correct you should try to get a weapon with strength on it in ur case you would want to get the one from Pit of Saron it is very good for all DK's for ur rotation try to do , IT PS HS HS DS RP DUMP then DS HS HS HS HS RP dump use hysteria whenever possible and also try to have 60 RP at the start of boss pulls to bring out your dancing rune weapon for max DPS if u want to achieve maximum dps have a good stock on indestuctible potion that increase your armour by 3500 this will increase your attackpower due to bladed armour (use before entering combat it lasts for 2 minutes) then use your potions of speed that increase your haste by 500 after the 1 minute CD is over......hopefully this has helped you , but to truely up your dps go unholy

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