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Thread: My Guild 'Plan'

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    My Guild 'Plan'

    Hello Tankspotters, I've been thinking about making a guild sometime later this year, and I've come up with this little 'plan', after reading several topics about guild leading, guild management and raid leading.
    If you have any questions about what I've written, please ask below and I'll do my best to answer, even though I've not thought through everything as close as I might've wanted.

    What I'd like to hear is what you might see as weird, or wrong, or something that won't work.
    Please explain why you see things as you do if you disagree with me, so it's easier for me to understand how and why you mean it, instead of just saying 'no, that won't work'.

    I'd also like to hear if you'd want to join this guild if it existed!
    Theme: Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild.

    Goal: To experience the game through progression in raids, with a healthy group
    of people who communicate and do their best to better themselves.

    General desires:

    - Automated loot, recruitment, feedback and raiding systems.
    - Aiming to create an atmosphere where every person in the guild can better
    themselves and reach their personal goals, as well as guild goals.
    - Set raiding times, with quick, effective raiding where the goal is to keep
    everyone raiding until the raid ends.
    - Keeping everyone on their toes, doing their best.

    Administration desires:

    - Everyone will get to state their opinion on any cases concerning the guild as a whole.
    - Anyone will get to state their opinion about any individual people in the guild.
    - Keeping the players that share the guilds goals, and not the ones who don't.

    Management desires:

    - Aiming to keep a healthy relationship between officers and members.
    - Delegating raid leading, recruitment, loot management, bank management and general
    guild affairs to ensure noone gets burnt out.
    - Strict rule enforcement.

    Raiding desires:

    - To keep the raid active from raid start until raid end, with few breaks and a general
    'keep moving' attitude.
    - To ensure everyone gets rewarded for their efforts.
    - Letting everyone progress, but not to the extent where other raiders are denied their

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    Sounds alot like the plan when my guild was formed. Be very careful with your administration desires, from my experience in the guild I'm in, the original plan seems to get lost along the way and things go downhill from there. Good luck with forming this guild and I hope it is a very sucessful guild
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    One or two things to keep in mind:

    * Don't appoint people in an administrative position who *say* that they can do it. People aren't always aware of the details that go along with the job. Rather appoint someone who proves their worth.
    * It's good to have the intention of enforcing rules. Stick to that and be consistent about it. Punish even yourself if you're late for a raid. People will see that no one's the exception to any rules or regulations.
    * Make sure your officers have the same goals. It sounds simple, but one person who starts pulling in another direction can pull the guild apart.
    * Your officers must NEVER disagree with you in front of the guild. It's like parenting.. you need a united front. They can bring all their differences to you in an officer meeting or in private.
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    Thanks a lot for those rules, even if they're more like guidelines.

    I'll be sure to write them down, I am at the moment working on writing rules, and the last two can be very good rules for officers specifically.
    I actually heard something about that last one in Cider's Guild Relations Podcast, and had it written down already in my notes, but now I'll be sure to have it an actual rule.
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    Rofl... I like to think this is what my guild represents!

    Semi-Hardcore is a term that is hard to define, it does cover a lot of possiblities. Do you mean semi-Hardcore by how you raid or when? or Both. Then what does that mean? Log reviews and taking players aside who need to work on some stuff. Is there an attendance requirement? Guidelines are good, gives you a direction, but the details are the real work.

    Suggested loot system you look at is EPGP, with the EPGPLOOTMASTER addon. Will accomplish all the things your are trying to accomplish. Rewarding time and effort, etc.

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