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Thread: Help, Raiding Guild

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    Help, Raiding Guild

    I'm to a point where I cannot progress anymore without running raids. For the last 4-5 months Ive had no luck finding a raiding guild that works for me. Most of them progress very slowly or break into different 10 man groups and I get stuck in the group that is way to under geaared to down any bosses. I usually stick with a guild for 2 or more months but never see any improvement. The one im in now seems to be the same way. In the month ive been in it we have only done 2 raids, the 1st was an attempt at the 1st boss in ICC 10 man, we all died at the 1st whirlwind, and the 2nd was a 25 man toc that the guild stopped at the faction champions. On the other hand the 1st 10 man group raids all the time but is normally composed of all the officers.

    I can show up to every raid thats on the calendar and have the highest dps in the guild, but since i wasnt one of the "original" members of the guild ill always end up having to pug a raid if i want to do it. Does anyone have any advice on how to find a good guild or should I just get use to puging every raid I need to run?

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    there is a big issue with this on my server as well 99% of raiding seems to be via pugs
    i basically ended up forming my own guild and building up some of my non raiding buddies into raiders just so we would have the numbers

    we now run 2 raids a week and always have more than 10 sign up so it was well worth it.
    however if your trying to get into more top end raiding i guess checking out who the biggest raiding guilds on your realm are an try to get some communication going with them and get in with a proper hardcore raid guild

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    You can always use GuildOx to see who the serious raiding guilds on your realm is.

    Do some homework on which guilds are suited for you. Before joining a guild, ask them what their raiding times are. When you join a new guild, they ask you to fill in an application or do an interview with you, but remember that the reverse is also true: you can interview them as well. Set up the questions you'd like answered and ask them back at the new prospective guild.
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    Agree with above, you need to be interviewing the guilds you are applying to. And you should expect them to interview you and ask "tough" questions. Like why you spec'd a certain way or what your next specific upgrades are going to be. Content experience and your favourite raid and why? The Tough questions come from guilds who want serious players which it sounds like you are. Dont reach too high but doing your homework goes a long way to find you the right home. Speaking as someone part of a guild working on ICC reg mode, ICC is a huge learning curve for some coming from TOC, which in my opinion was made easy for a reason. ALOT of guilds did not get far in Ulduar and the same will stand with ICC. Being prepared and showing knowledge of fights that you have not done does help. There are still a lot of players expecting to be carried in ICC and guilds who have some success in ICC will be very thorough in their application process. I would look for guilds who have this kind of entrance requirements.

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