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Thread: Prot warrior questions

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    Prot warrior questions

    Hey guys


    OK a couple things. I recently got Rimefangs claw, and was using it until I read that expertise is one of the best threat stats (I also have my old peacekeeper blade). So I check to see how far off of cap I am and with Rimefangs Claw I am 13, with my peacekeeper blade (with accurate orange gem) I am 17. I think I read cap was 26.

    As well I took a look at my hit rating and have seen i am at 77 (2.35%), which if again what I am reading is correct I am WAY under cap (296 since I don't have 20 points in fury to get Precision).

    The reason I am asking is lately I have been having threat issues. My def is capped, and I have a lot of STA gems in. This may be very Burning Crusade style of thinking I was told to focus on those 2 stats, and the rest will take care of itself.

    Usually on single target I am not bad, but multi target has been an issue (mainly 5 man heroics).

    So what this post comes down to is advise. Having over 40K Hp is nice, but useless if I can't keep threat. I am trying for better gear, but perhaps I should focus on different items (like the crimson star 25 badge item over my blades of the sable cross) or changing some of these stamina gems to help my hit.

    Or until I get better gear, is a different spec needed to get precision or any other stat that I will need?

    Clearly I am trying to learn the art of tanking. Any help would be greatly appreciated The more tanks in the random queues the better

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    I highly reccomend reading this http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Tanking-Guide should answer all of your questions.

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