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Thread: Mage PvP: I need advice

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    Mage PvP: I need advice

    I have recently started doing arenas with my mage and i need to say, "I suck!" :P I really don't know what to gem/chant for, nor do I know any real strategies for mages. I speced into frost mostly and into arcane for the Improved Counterspell. Here is my link. http://http://www.wowarmory.com/char...e&cn=N%C3%B4ra

    I have the gear from emblems and BG's. Now I just need skill. Any advice would be appreciated. Right now Locks and Rogues give me the most trouble. Thanks!

    Sorry if that link doesn't work. My mages name is Nra (alt 147 for the ) from the guild Red Phoenix on Rivendare server.

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    You're over hit-cap. 4% is required to hit-cap for same-level targets, so around 4-5% is optimal. Replace the hit-enchant from your hands.
    Going for haste is good. You're doing that right.
    Enchant Spell Penetration on your back. You actually need ~100, 120 is cap. This is not that important for you yet because you'd have to gem a lot for this and therefore come short in other stats.
    The mp5 gems are of no use for you. Gem dominantly SP and Haste. Spellpower/SpellPen or Haste/Spellpen for your blue sockets.

    Can't comment on it. Armory is buggy 20/0/51 are the correct numbers though so that's okay.

    Make sure Ice Barrier is up. If you're facing double caster teams, switch to Mage Armor, otherwise use Frost. Sheep is your friend, get an addon that shows you Diminishing Returns so you know when your target becomes immune to sheeps.

    Tactics are hard to write down, lots of things could possibly happen that you need to react to. I suggest watching a lot of videos on WCM.

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