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Thread: Need some advice:

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    Need some advice:

    Hey guys, I have been a coming to TankSpot for a long time now, but have never posted in forums or anything, but i find myself needing some advice.

    I play a prot war, and have played a prot war since vanilla wow. I have been in the same guild for almost 3 years now, and love the people in it. Raiding has always been a a secondary goal for the guild. I have always been at the forefront of the raiding efforts as one of the predominant tanks, and worked very hard to help other guildies gear up and get ready to do raids, yet even with 10 man raids these days, we always seem to be carrying someone, usually 2-3 people. Most of these people dont have a lack of gear, but for whatever reason, they just are not performing well. Despite my efforts to motivate people to work on their dps/healing/tanking for the better of the group, we are yet again way behind the curve in the raid scene. Bosses that we kill one week, we wipe on 2-4 times the next week, and many other problems similar to this. I see casual guilds all around us clearing ICC and it has got me frustrated to no end, that we struggle so much.

    Not sure what kind of advice im looking for...how to motivate these people, or what....just needed to rant i guess....

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    time to make false threats.
    kick the baddies and carry less people
    people try less and less these days thinking they will get carried to a 6k gearscore.
    may sound harsh but if you enjoy the raiding scene and you are looking to step up and be more serious about it , it may be time to find a new guild, or maybe jsut do pugs.
    belive it or not, raids are actually quite difficult and exponentially more so when u ahve 3-4 people who dont know what they are doing and dont care to pay attention : hence the wipes.

    good luck

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