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Thread: New guild & pugs

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    New guild & pugs

    Ok so me and three other people I know irl started this raiding guild but we have hit a few snags.

    First off, we have to pug people every time we run a 10-man. Which isnt that big of a deal because we have a reliable MT & OT and three healers. But heres the problem: every other time we've gone into ICC we one shotted everything, this week we have wiped multiple times on every boss and since we are a new guild we want to impress any pugs so we can coax them into applying. I dont know if it's because our MT left (which required me to start playing the OT role) or because of our raid leader.

    So another question: should we back down to ToC 10man and roll that place to show people we are competent or should we keep trying to go through ICC. Cause we really need more healers and DPS, one healer we have shows up when its convenient for him, but he is also our top healer so I am at a loss of what to do with him.

    We arent a hardcore raiding guild just casual, three days a week but when we do raid we expect people to be paying attention (not that demanding I believe). all of our wipes are bc people arent paying attention.

    If you can offer any advice to me that would be fantastic. Mainly how to successfully conduct raids with pugs and how to recruit people that are competent as well as how to discipline those raiders that sign up for a raid and dont come on time.

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    hhhhmmmm you have an interesting problem there, from what you said its all about recruitment, basically you need to recruit, now with this there is 2 major ways of doing this firstly you cou flood recruit i.e. say in /2 that your recruiting, or you could elite recruit which you are currently doing from what i can tell is only /inv the people you know first hand can raid and are good guys.

    now to start a guild you need to do a mix of both basically you need members so flood recruit get the numbers of lvl80's as high as you can in the guild and then go in to what i call w****r mode and try and run and instance or below tier rad with every one you just recruited and watch then and see how they do, if they rubbish kick em. by doing this you should be able to build a solid 10 man team, once you get a decent 10 man team thats gets progress people will notice and soom you'll have 15 people eligible for the 10 man team at this point you should get a 2nd raid eader whose willing to take a 2nd group to 10 content once you have 2 10 mans teams running it comes up quite quickly when you ready for 25 man content.

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    Seems like you hit a bad raid and I think you shouldn't base all of your desicion on one bad raid alone. Try to figure out what went wrong first - was it several people from your guild who had a bad day but they usually perform then next time it will probably be better. If the problems was the raid members you PUG-ed then don't invite them next time. If the next raid shows more of the same it might be the loss of the maintank but still you have to overcome that in due time.

    Also while recruting and inviting randoms try to make notes of those you see preform and try to catch those for your next raid days aswell, seeing as they are saved with your ID anyways and hopefully they enjoy their stay in your raid. A good relationship with the same people will at least see you have options when raid invites go out and makes a more stable group = less chance of wipes.
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    No offense but if your to start a new guild should have at least your core 10 in place. I mean everyone wants to be a G.M. cause its so cool, not. If your serious than you should have preplanned your moves and tried to have things in place before you started a raiding guild. Most guilds fall or as most like to say "Fail" is because people don't think ahead or plan things out. A guild is like running your own business. You have to have things in place in order to move forward. If you plan on making this guild work. Build it and they will come and make them all understand no one is to step foot into ICC until you have got your core together and than role into a grinder of a 10 man like push h.m.'s in ulduar and heroic togc. You might say I em full of it but bottom line is doing this will either make or break your team and let you see who's weak in what area of your core.
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    Thank you so much for the advice, the other officers and I have been spamming and now have able to invite more people the the guild. we run ToC early in the week to get a feel for the recruits abilities and if we feel they are performing at a high enough caliber we take them with us to ICC.

    Thank you as well. when we do need to PUG people the first thing I do is add them to my friend's list and put a note with their spec and after the raid I briefly describe how they did.

    Preplanning would definitely have helped this guild, but it originally formed bc about 6 of us were in a guild and the 25mans we ran were terrible, so we started this one. I agree that planning everything out is essential, and although we did not plan initially the GM and the officers are getting better about planning raids, and what we are going to run to test out the "fresh meat".

    Just a note to anyone else who starts a guild. If you can, pre plan just like Ironhorse said. I completely agree that this will make your guild successful. Get a core first then go into ICC. However if you are in the same boat as I (started a guild and need to recruit) then do a combination of what gretchin and Rokk said. Spam trade, invite people you know are good. Then what I did is run a raid we know we can one-shot everything with not too much effort. I ran ToC to get a feel of the new people, and a few heroics and also to show them that we are a competent group of raiders. Then if you are eager enough (as we were) go into ICC and PUG people if needed. Tell the PUGs they need to have the ach. for however far you plan to go and if you are as lucky as we were those PUGs may even want to join your guild!

    Also on a progression note: my guild has recovered from that horrible week and one-shotted everything in the first wing and downed Festergut. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread and I hope anyone who reads this gets some useful advice out of it, I know I did


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