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Thread: MY shadow priest dps is bad

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    MY shadow priest dps is bad

    my character name is ikilloj on laughing skull sever and i can just make 3.8-3.9k dps and i know i have to wait for shadow weaving to sack to 5 before i dot the boss up can u look me up maybe i spec wrong or maybe you have a fail proof ratation? I put my amory link up.

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    - Glyph of Mind Flay. If you insist on holding on to the MC glyph for PvP purposes, get rid of the SW:P glyph for MF. 10% increased damage on one of your main nukes is nothing to overlook.

    - Replace that PvP gear when possible. There are still extremely few upgrades to Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers, and they are pretty cheap to craft nowadays (costs maybe 2k on my server). As far as a belt, there's a nice haste/crit one in one of the new heroics.

    - You are definitely specced wrong for PvE. Shadow Affinity is unnecessary for raiding (AoE aggro can be avoided by waiting for a little while before Mind Searing, and if you're pulling single-target aggro as a Shadow Priest, your tanks suck hard). Inner Focus is nifty, but also unnecessary for Shadow (the 25% crit every 3 minutes is not worthwhile, and it saves very little mana). Psychic Horror is a pure PvP talent. Take those 5 points and put them into Spirit Tap/Imp Spirit Tap, which is a small increase to spellpower and a nice increase to your mana pool.

    - Replace the Bell trinket with Abyssal Rune from reg ToC. It does not share a cooldown with the Sundial, and while the Rune gives slightly less spellpower than the Bell, haste is much more crucial than mp5. You could also get the spirit necklace from Conquest badges, it would be a nice upgrade since you don't need the hit from your current neck.

    - +18 spirit to boots does very little for you. It's a small amount of mana and what, nine spellpower? Tuskarr's would be much better, moving 8% faster is a godsend on any fight where you have fire to move out of. +10 stats to chest is better than +15 spirit, but that has more to do with survivability and mana pool (+10 stats is best for pretty much all casters, but only because there's no outstanding chest enchant to go with, not because it's particularly good). Go open up Sons of Hodir and do the dailies every day, so you can get a better shoulder enchant (this is a lot of effort for a small amount of crit, skip it if your in-game time is limited).

    - Wrong meta. Get Chaotic Skyflare, the 3% increase to critical strike damage is rather important to any DPS. Replace that 20 spirit gem in your helm with a purple sp/spirit gem, you only need two purples to activate your meta (well not YOUR meta, but the good one).

    - Finish leveling your enchanting when you get some gold. The extra 46 spellpower will serve you well.

    You didn't give much detail on your rotation, but it's basically just stack up your SW stacks to 5 (I believe you start with VT/DP, then MF for the last three), then cast SW:P, then keep Mind Blast on CD, refresh your DoTs directly after they expire (so you don't clip the last tick, this is important), and MF whenever else.

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    Just as reference to go along with the GREAT response from Harmacy.

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    I know this isn't directly help pre se, but there is a shadowpriest site for priests as tankspot is to tanks. www.shadowpriest.com! Loads of helpful resources and raiding priests may be able to help you figure things out too.

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