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Thread: Prot Warriors versus Paladins

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    Prot Warriors versus Paladins

    First and foremost let me apologize to the moderators and other posters of this subject was recently discussed. I want to discuss this seemingly ongoing issue that I'm sure many other protection warriors like myself encounter.

    Very recently I was passed over in an ICC 25-man pug for a paladin. Now, upon asking the raid leader why he preferred a paladin (mind you, I'm 3/4 T 10.5 gear), I was told "because paladins have AOE." Now I'm not doing an emo rant because I didn't go and yes, I understand its the discretion of the raid leader who he or she wants to invite to their raid but the logic this person used was astounding.

    By the way, the two other tanks were a druid and death knight. Now I'm sure besides his faulty logic on inviting the paladin, I'm sure there are an infinite number of reasons why he preferred a paladin over a warrior. What I want to know is why is there this bias of paladins over warriors? I mean balancing out your raid classes is one thing but to prefer something simply because of their special ability is another. I know blizzard made pros and cons in every class but I'm starting to think if paladins are better (overall) than warriors. Anyone else (especially warriors) encountering this problem?

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    we can compete with druids and dks but when it comes to prot paladins we're outmatched.

    sounds like a fail pug, I mean with 3 tanks, warr, dk, druid you dont worry about aoe. there's 3 damn tanks.

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    My son, let me point you in the right direction:


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    Maybe there were few paladins in the raid and the raid leader wanted more buffs?
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    In all honesty, you got the better end of the deal. Raid leader sounds like a mouthbreather so it probably would've been a wipefest anyway.

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    Prot warriors simply take more skill to play than a pally. The 96969 rotation could be done by a chimp without fail. This being said a lot of people have encountered too many fail warriors that if they get a pull that's larger than 1, dps will pull threat and die. However, with a druid and a DK it would be fine since both of them could handle any aoe situations just fine. Like you said however, it is up to the RL's discretion as to what type of tanks to have and if he wanted more AoE a pally would be perfectly suited for it. Gretchin also makes a valid point in saying perhaps they had a lack of paladins in general and wanted more buffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crashxdjp View Post
    we can compete with druids and dks but when it comes to prot paladins i'm outmatched..
    Fixt, speak for yourself.

    Yes, the raid leader's a tool for not knowing your personal capability and taking the class that's easily reliable for AOE. I wouldn't give much thought to it. Just find another pug. Anyway, IBTL.
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