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Thread: Fury Warrior- dps is lacking

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    Fury Warrior- dps is lacking

    Hi I'm looking for some advice of what could be gimping me. Before last week it had been a few months since I had played last and my dps was really bad. I've read in a few different places and a spreadsheet that I need more arp, I have to much hit that I know but I need to get some gear to drop some.

    My rotation is ww>bt>slam(proc)bt>HS(if i have extra rage)>slam if proc>ww all over again basically.

    Heres my armory- http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ne&cn=Hellpeon

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    Ok, looking at the armory:

    As far as gemming goes, the only two things I'd change after a quick glance are the Armor Penetration gem in the chest (put in STR) and the STR/HIT gem on the gloves (put in STR/CRIT), and putting a 10STR/10CRIT on the Beheadher. However, you're not really going to see a huge jump from regemming those two slots because you're not that bad off, really. Landsoul's spreadsheet shows regemming those two to be about a 19 DPS gain, which probably won't be that noticeable in practice.

    Edit: Also, 10STR/10CRIT in the boots. If you can get a socket bonus with a yellow gem that gives STR, go with 10STR/10CRIT. (Unless the spreadsheet says otherwise, but I haven't had it say otherwise so far, so the rule of thumb seems sound enough.)

    The biggest easy to get (but not cheap) jump in gear is replacing the Vengeance of the Forsaken trinket with a Darkmoon Card: Greatness. That'd give you another 71 DPS gain on top of regemming, which would be 90 DPS total. Other than that, for easily obtained upgrades, get another Beheader for the offhand (which you didn't need to be told, I'm sure), the crafted Titansteel Spikeguards, and the Barbed Ymirheim Choker neck from Heroic PoS.

    Overall, though, I don't see your gear as being a huge problem. There are a few relatively easy things you can improve, sure, but what kind of DPS are you doing now, in what situations (raids, five mans, bosses, trash)? Are other Fury Warriors out DPSing you in similar gear?

    Also, this video has some good information about maximizing DPS. This isn't specific to your rotation, but to general game mechanics. Very worth watching.

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