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Thread: Death Knight- Need a worthy Frost Tank

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    Death Knight- Need a worthy Frost Tank

    Hey guys I've looked at the site many times but this is my first post.

    Im looking for a Frost tank for my DK I have noticed most DK's cannot hold aggro and do not make good tanks ( I use to try) Ive never quite been geared for tanking however. Im looking for a good build (spec) along with some advice.

    Also glyph/stat/gear advice is greatly appreciated.

    I understand there are 100's of Dk help threads so thank you for helping out!

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    1. DKs have never had problems holding aggro in general. While this might be a problem on your realm, I have never heard that particular one one mine. If this has been a big issue I am guessing you are not in frost presence.

    2. Check out the guides here on tankspot for this type on general question. Do not try to make a spec of your own at this point, you are for example missing a key takning talent called Blade barrier in the blood tree.

    Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

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    Generally snap threat is a problem (one that other tank classes don't suffer to the same degree), but other than that, DK threat is sufficient for most fights.

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    Death Knights get a lot of grief in general about their tanking abilities and potential. I don't think it's warranted. I've been tanking for about 5 months now and I love tanking with my DK more than I do with my warrior. (I'll make a pally and a druid when Cat is released.) DK's are pretty squishy but aggro is normally not an issue. Or, alternatively, it's easier to fix problems with aggro than with squishiness. A lot of what goes into aggro is practice and planning ahead. The dps in your party, unfortunately, can negate your ability to plan ahead. Make sure you mark your targets with lucky charms so that you can predict where the threat should be (this is also useful for determining which---if any---char will cause grief.)
    I'd also recommend, if possible, to run with dps that you know since they be more inclined to be patient than some random pug. A lot of tanking is confidence and keeping your cool (insert frost spec pun).

    As for your spec, I have a few suggestions.
    1) ditch improved icy talons. I used to have it because I thought that it would help my party and help me. However, it doesn't really help the tank that much and (hypothetically) it can contribute to increased threat from melee dps. You'll end up with 6 extra points. Bladed armor and blade barrier are a must, imo.
    2) I'm not sure why you have 3 points in chillbains. That's always struck me as more of a pvp talent. I can see how it could help with survivability but you'd be better off putting those 3 points into Glacier rot which will help you hold and maintain the aggro of multiple adds.
    3) I'd lose hungering cold. It's very useful in pvp and has its usel in crowd control and certain fights but that point is better off spent getting your 10 blood talents.
    4) You'll want to get some better glyphs. I'd recommend obliterate (great for single target threat)---and I'm sure Selene will pipe in with her list of recommended glyphs at some point : ) I use glyph of dnd because I run with an arcane mage who loves her aoe's. I'll probably get glyph icy touch pretty soon though.
    5) I see that you're not yet lvl 80. Stick with it. It's not particularly easy to get tank gear before lvl 80
    Here is my spec:http://www.wowarmory.com/character-t...cabell&group=2
    It may not be the perfect spec but I can assure you that it works really well in 5-mans and 10-mans. Though some other tanks will question the way I've spent my unholy and blood points (more to do with gear than anything else), it nonetheless represents a very solid core for frost talents.

    Also, read up on DK guides whenever you can. I personally prefer http://pwnwear.com/

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    Definately get rid of Glyph of Disease.
    Mind you I did not start tanking until I had hit level 80.
    But the following glyphs are the ones I recommend for Frost Tanks:
    Oblit (core of Frost)
    Icy Touch or Howling Blast
    Frost Strike or Rune Strike

    However for leveling up this might be a better spec to go with at your current level http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EZGxx0AbIoc0buzAo0x or http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EZhgx0AbIoc0buzAo0x not the best to do, but unless you put full points into the Improved Icy Talons no real point in putting anything there yet...
    A Good Opener to get Threat on a group of mobs, though it will put all your runes on CD is to use Deathchill, D&D, Howling Blast, Blood Boil or just D&D, Howling Blast, Blood Boil.

    Once you get to level 80 and if you want to have an Improved Icy Talons tank spec, this is the way to go: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EMZhxxxAbIzc0buzAo0x

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    Your threat is a problem b/c you lack Black Ice and Glacier Rot, two of Frost's Best threat talents. Get rid of Icy Talons & Improved Icy Talons, haste is nearly useless for tanks (great for DW Frost DPS though) and put those points into BI and GR. Get rid of Acclimation too, don't need that for many fights even in 80 raids.

    Glyph of Howling Blast = Good
    Glyph of Disease = Bad (should have one or the other, not both, HB is much better snap aggro. Replace GoD w/ Glyph of Oblit for more single target threat, or Glyph of Icy Touch for more AoE threat)

    The idea is buff your AoE as much as possible. For HB that requires Bladed Armor, Black Ice, Glacier Rot, and Tundra Stalker. Blood Boil also benefits from thsoe. Start the pull w/ HB on the group of mobs, DnD, BB. The spam HB and BB the rest of the fight. HB keeps Frost Fever up the entire time and the extra damage you would gain from also putting up Blood Plague is not worth the time and GCDs it would take to do that.

    See my sig for how to be a pro Frost Tank at 80.
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