I am trying to decide what my next emblem choice should be.


Cloak, Trinket, Belt - Bought
Legs - Untouchable (Pillars of Might)

Upgrades left through emblems:
Gloves (Lightsworn/Kraken) - 60
Chest (Cata Chestguard) - 95
Shoulders (Lightsworn) - 60
Head (Lightsworn) - 95

What should my next upgrade be?

I am leaning away from Gloves, just because Toravon drops the Lightsworn Gloves.
I am leaning towards shoulders because they are the next cheapest, but if I get the shoulders, then the helm is almost a sure thing because of the T10 2pc bonus (is it any good?), unless I happen to be lucky enough to get the drop off Toravon.
Otherwise, I can save up for the chest now and do the T10 pieces all later..