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Thread: ARP vs STR

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    ARP vs STR

    Good day all,

    i am wondering what i should be stacking, i use to think it should be ARP after x from gear but i am seeing alot of warriors with STR these days. Any feed back would be great.

    I am an Arms warrior and am considering Furry for more dps as currect i am hitting 4K

    My armory link is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...fist&cn=Rownan


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    As an arms warrior i see 2 choices really

    either u get an arp proc trink such as Needle encrusted scorpion
    then have enough arp to proc 100% with nes and gem the rest strength (with good gear you probably wont need much arp gemming at all)

    or you work out how much arp you would have if you went full Arp gemming
    and if ur near 90% with set bonus and stance bonus its probably worth doing if not stick with plan A

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