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Thread: Frost badges

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    Frost badges

    Morning all,
    I'm just here to post yet another question thats been posted several times before, I happen to be sitting on about 120 badges of frost right now, so, I have enoughfor either two T10 pieces or offset or.. well you get the point.

    The poblem is I cant make a decision on which bits of my kit to upgrade first.
    This is my new tank, retired my warrior back in Ulduar, no idea why really.
    From what I can see, my avoidance, hit and expertise are all pretty good. Obviously theres always room for improvement but I'm kinda running at a loss of which bit is worth replacing.

    Any suggestions and critique are welcome

    Many thanks

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    I would start with the belt (gobs of effective health), followed by the trinket (huge upgrade over Black Heart). Normally I suggest the cloak first, but your cloak is really nice. I'd leave the hands and legs alone for now, since they can drop in Vault (plus there are nice legs off 10 Saurfang). After that, probably the 264 "Cat" chest, unless you're likely to get a Mark to upgrade the tier one.

    Your spec needs some serious help though. You skipped Vindication (a key damage reduction talent) and Crusade (one of the best threat talents you can grab, much stronger than Seals of the Pure). Divinity is pretty "meh" for prot, you'd be better off using those points to fill out Divine Sac/Guardian (very nice cooldown, plus it buffs your Sacred Shield) and fill out points in the ret tree. http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufdxfMobcG is the cookie-cutter prot spec.

    I don't really understand why you're still enchanting for defense, either. Stam and armor are the kings in ICC, no need to have more than 540 defense - it's still useful of course, but nothing to aim for or enchant for.

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    Thanks for the advice, went with the belt, very good call on that. The trinket I really am not that interested in, there are much better available (imo) and my healers are able to cope with the lack of 1k hp.

    That cookie cutter spec has some very odd choices, and being that I dont have any issues with being over aggroed it's a pretty safe bet I dont need crusade. Vindication is provided by others, butusefull in a 10 man set up. All in all the spec I had before was a complete spam of buttons as I never expected to be tanking on my paladin having retired my warrior.
    In the end I pretty much just copied Lazeil's spec from Paragon and changed a couple of things that suit my play style more.

    As for enchanting for defense, it wasnt something I aimed for, I just preferred it to the available alternatives. Though I do keep meaning to get the PvP shoulder enchant, but I'm a bit slack when it comes to PvP.

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