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Thread: do i keep stacking ArP or replace some Str

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    do i keep stacking ArP or replace some Str

    wow armory link is below


    Am i supoosed to go for the soft cap of 53% ArP and rely on my trinkets NES to do the rest, or just keep stacking ArP gems higher and higher. i'm around 58% ArP at the moment because i've been improving gear. And i have another socket that i put a Str gem in but am not sure if i need to put more ArP in it. Or should i stop at 53% and gem/gear the rest Str.

    I also have other necks and trinkets i could use that have plenty of Str but less or no ArP on it.
    (NECK) Might of Leviathan
    (Trinket) Darkmoon: Greatness Card

    Also i know, my hit rating cap is at 5% since i'm fury warrior w/ precision in my talent tree (giving me 8%), but i notice my white hits miss ALOT. Should i be adding more hit, luckily my new Ring of the Rotting Sinew has added hit rating, but what is the opinion on that.

    And lastly, Rawr shows for upgrades to replace my +20 ArP/Str gems with +10 str/crit for socket bonus'. would that be a better strategy rather then taking the full +20 and not gaining the Socket bonus.

    Please look over my armory page and give me any advice you may find helpful. I do Heroics but am starting to do much more Raids, TOC, VOA and ICC level, 10 and 25 man.

    Thank you in advance.
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