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Thread: Troll Warrior Tank, first time doing it so i need some help

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    Troll Warrior Tank, first time doing it so i need some help

    Hey guys.. i made a new toon. And it's a troll warrior and i'm spec'ing her to be a tank. I have two other toons, a pally, and a DK, but they're both DPS.. so tanking is really new to me. I get the general aspect of it. Just need some help on things i should use and what i should be doing. I am finding it hard to hold aggro for everything in the mob, there's at least one or two wonderers who change target from me to the healer or someone else. At the moment i'm only lvl 17. Just would like some advice on how to tank basically.. lol any help?


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    Thunderclap, use it on every cooldown in an AoE situation. It's very OP in early levels. Make sure to change targets frequently to distribute threat across all the mobs.

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