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Thread: Trinket Help

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    Trinket Help

    Above is my character. My question is I have two trinkets right now and am considering buying the tanking trinket from Frost Emblems. I'm not sure if the new one is better to get than what I have equipped.

    Currently Equipped: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47080

    And this is the one I can now afford via 60 emblems of frost. Should I buy the new one? And if so which of my current trinkets should I replace? http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50356

    Thanks. Vittorio - US Arathor - Blood DK Tank
    Heads I lose, tails I lose? Quick, give that coin to one of those annoying street performers.

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    In my opinion you should wait with the trinket and get the tier chest then the shoulders.
    For now you should just use the trinkets you are, and get the trinket after you have gotten yourself 2set bonus of t10.
    - Think about it, and see what other people have to say aswell, best of luck!

    ßeauty @ Nordrassil
    Clone - Horde @ Sylvanas EU

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