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Thread: Help with bindings and weapon placement

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    Help with bindings and weapon placement

    I need some help with bindings for my fury warrior. Currently use Mouse wheel for BT and WW. Herioc Strike is on F and Slam is on R. Any other suggestiosn??

    Also with weapon palcement i dont know if it should be top end damage in my main hand or slower speed in my main hand. I currently have Ramalndi's Blade of culling, Which is speed of 3.50 and damage of 748-1123 damage in my maind hand. For my off hand i have Bryntroll the Bone Arbiter which is 3.40 speed and damage of 801-1203. I found having RBC in my main hand and bryntroll in my off the difference in speed makes my WW more damageful and Rage is at a much smoother regeneration. Anyone got tips on what i should do if that is incorrect.

    Johun Malestorm

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    My Basic Bindings for Fury:
    Wheel Up: Cleave
    Wheel Down: Heroic Strike
    Mouse Buttons: Strafe
    C: Slam
    D: Bloodthirst
    F: Whirlwind
    Q: Reck
    E: Sunder
    4: Demo Shout
    I find that binding my spammables to the mouse wheel makes it easier.

    Cleave and Slam are both based on weapon damage.
    So you want the weapon with the highest top end damage in your Main Hand.

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    For more procs, you will want Bryntroll in your MH.

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