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Thread: (Fury) Time to go ArP?

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    (Fury) Time to go ArP?


    If I use my Banner of Victory, get some dragon's Eyes and regem ArP (and swap out my T9 gloves for Bitter Reprisal), I can get a little over 75% ArP. Will this be a DPS upgrade, or should I stick with my NES and T9 4-pc bonus? Once I get a Ramaladni's Blade of Culling, I could get the 264 crafted legs and get about 85% ArP. I'm sure that would be worthwhile, but should I make the switch now or wait for those upgrades?

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    My gut feeling tells me that it would be an upgrade already but to be sure I'd advise you to get Landsoul's spreadsheet and do the math yourself. It's quite user-friendly once you get around the basics.

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    if you can get to 75% passive ArP you should make the switch now.


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