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Thread: Ring and trinkt help

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    Ring and trinkt help

    This my warrior 32842 armor 42,512 hp
    First thing I wonder abouth is my trinket, currently I use The Black Heart and Unidentifiable Organ
    I am thinking to switch black heart to Glyph of Indomitability for more armor and for a doge use effect.
    The other choiese is to get the skellton key for more hp and use effect.

    The secound question is aboth my ring. Abomination's Bloody Ring currently I use it to increase hit and hp and on mele heavy fights I am swiching to Clutch of Fortification but is it better use in standard and swich in spelldamge heavy fight?
    Thanks in advance

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    About your trinkets in ICC there are 3 bosses that will matter between the two and those are Festergut, Sindragosa and the Lich King. For Festergut the Glyph is generally better because all of the damage is going to be incoming at once where as the Glyph has around a 40 stamina increase in EH and an on use will the Black Heart's bread and butter the proc relys on randomness. Sindragosa mainly favors the Black Heart because the tons of magic damage going out limitis the Glyph's EH value because it is armor and the Lich King mainly favors the Glyph if you are switching on Soul Reaper since if you are taking the Soul Reaper you can die because the other tank forgets to taunt and the on use will be helpful.

    With the rings in a pure physical fight the Cluth's armor is going to be much better in EH terms so generally Festergut: Cluth, Sindragosa: Bloody Ring, Lich King: Cluth, Everything else: Bloody Ring.

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