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Thread: Starcraft, Red Alert, and everythin

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    Starcraft, Red Alert, and everythin

    I finished playing through the GDI missions (many, many missions) and have no problem saying this game is the best C&C, single-player strategy, and EA game I have ever played. It might give Starcraft a run for it's money depending on how competitive online play works out.

    But there is something curious I noticed with the new race, the Scrin. Warp portals, teleportation, mind control, shields... something is strangely familiar here.

    Here's a quick list of things I noticed from the new race:

    *Flying "MCV" Drone Ship -- Flying Command Center (Terrans, Starcraft)
    *Photon Cannons -- Photon Cannons (Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Mastermind with mind control -- Yuri (Yuri's Revenge)
    *Warp Gates for summoning units -- Warp beacons (Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Staying on the creep... err... Tiberium... -- Creep (Zerg, Starcraft, not necessary in C&C but seems to be very much encouraged)
    *Controlled Ion Storms -- Weather Machine or Psionic Storm (Allies, Red Alert 2 or Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Teleportation -- Chrono Beacons or Arbiters (Allies, Red Alert 2, or Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Masses of dirt-cheap tiny packs of units which can bypass most defenses -- Zerglings (Zerg)
    *Shielded units -- Protoss Shields (Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Life regen on all units/structures even w/o veterancy -- ... (Zerg, Starcraft)
    *Lightning Spikes -- Tesla Coils (Soviets, Red Alert)
    *Stasis ability which completely removes affected targets from combat -- Arbiter (Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Planetary Assault Carrier -- This has a different skin... but it does the exact same thing as the Protoss Carrier (Protoss, Starcraft)
    *Devastators, ultra long-range, heavy damage, limited defensive, anti-ground air unit that stays just barely out of AA range -- Hello, Guardians (Zerg, Starcraft)

    Don't get me wrong. This is AWESOME. These are some of the coolest parts of the games I listed. The Scrin definitely have weaknesses (terribly constructed structures... or at least it seems that way with 6 Mammoth Tanks rolling through their bases), but their powers are extremely powerful. Kudos to EA (never thought I'd say that) on keeping the flavor of GDI and NOD and basically getting everything great about other games in with a third faction.

    p.s. if you haven't picked up this game, do it.
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    which game exactly? C&C 3?

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    Yeah. I had to edit the title actually when I opened it b/c it was too long, so it might not be obvious. Old post.

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    I recall you mentioning this... Pretty amusing.

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