Hi, just got bryntroll last night, so now i am kinda in a dilema to what weapons i should use(i am fury).


Right now i have brytntrollx1, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50798 x2(same enchant/gem), and one citadal enforcer claymore, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50761(not enchant/gemmed yet).

Previously i was dual-wielding the Ramaladni's, with http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47902 i was at 75% arp or so. Now if i swap for one bryntroll, i'd be lacking in expertise, so i use my t9 leg piece to get exp capped. But in doing so i sacrifice about 15% arp for the lifesteal proc and a slight increase in weapon dps, isit worth it? I know i probably don't have to use the claymore coz i am way over hit capped(from gear, i don't want that much of hit either).

On a side note, i don't know what i did wrong but my dps is lower than my guild's MT's off spec fury, we're about same gear(me having better weapons but him having better off set pieces), our rotations are the same....isit becoz of my gearing? is there anything wrong with it? Am i going the right way with ArP all the way?

Any help would be deeply appreciated, many thanks in advance.