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Thread: Arms Warrior: Can You Help Me Unlock My Hidden DPS?

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    Arms Warrior: Can You Help Me Unlock My Hidden DPS?

    Posted a thread the other day with a question about tanking, and you guys were such good help, I figured I'd see if you guys can help me find the holes in my gear/gems that'd push me up the dps charts on raids.
    My build as of now...

    A guildie/ good friend has been pushing me to stack Expertiese as much as possible, but I found that strength seemed to have a better result for me. As of now, I'm hitting anywhere between 3.9k-4.5k single target depending on the raid buffs and when I can keep my rotation in order. Mob trash, depending on number of targets, I've done burst damage with bladestorm/sweeping strikes and popping my trinket up to 12k. Burst numbers look purdy, but my goal right now is to hit or exceed 5k over the course of a 10/25man boss fight. I think it can be found in the gems/enchants and maybe a bit of gear. Can you help me?

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    My experience with Arms DPS is shaky, but I think I know something about warriors so here's my 2 copper.

    A. In my experience, Arms Warriors have a tricky rotation, so a LOT of them have rotation problems
    What rotation/priority are you using?
    It is my understanding that the priority is as follows:
    Rend on the Target -> Sudden Death/Execute -> Mortal Strike -> Overpower -> Slam when everything is on Cooldown
    B. Glyph of Rending is superior to Bladestorm. You should be doing something every Global.
    Less time reapplying rend as it falls of means more time hitting stuff.

    Has the Armor Pen ship set sail already...?
    I thought Arms Warriors were still stacking ArP to the soft cap, then demolishing things when their trinkets proc'd.
    If someone can confirm/deny that, I would say regem to ArP and pickup Banner of Victory.

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    As powertaco said get glyph of Rending to begin with immediately.

    Priority is as follows, Rend - MS - SD/Execute - OP - Slam of you have nothing else to do. Arms DPS is GCD locked means any GCD wasted you loose DPS. DOnt clip rend DOT, let it fall off and reapply immediately. Arms excel in single target DPS, aoe fights and movement intensive fight will hurt you a bit but nothing to worry about.

    Also arms warrior actually try to go for hard cap as its comparatively easier for them since they get 10% from stance and 5 % from t9 2pc. SO I would recomend gem arp to softcap first (53%) and then go for hard cap. As soon as you get to 75% Arp drop NES and try to get as close to 100% as you can.

    Also you dont need to stack expertise, all you need is 18 with 2 points in weapon mastery (26 without it) or you can use a mace and drop it down further.


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